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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Fashion | What I Wore For Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! ♡♥

As you can see below I decided to be a cat this year as every single year I have been a witch, so I thought it's time to switch it up a bit!

The shiny disco pants I am wearing weren't originally cut...they were put in the wash and came out with a whole on the right thigh. So I thought, forget this I'll cut some holes into it. At first I was a bit hesitant at cutting them thinking I'd regret it but once I added fish net tights underneath, they become my new favourite look!

As I went for the black cat look, its clearly obvious I wore all black. Velvet seems to be the go to material for Halloween so I wore this beautiful velvet peplum top from New Look.

was a tad bit windy while we were shooting. As this is a Halloween post I thought it would be a good idea to do it when it was dark. 

As you may have seen in my previous shopping haul, I could not resist buying these beaut faux fur leatlel gloves from Primark. They just feel do nice!!
As my plan for Halloween was going Ice Skating with the girls, I needed my feet to be warm and cosy! So I am finally wearing my black and white knee high socks from Primark that are sooo soft and comfortable!

This beautiful little choker is from a little jewellery business that has recently been set up by a lovely girl named Imogen who is the owner of Little Cave Jewellery. She is soon to be starting an Etsy Shop and will also be setting up PayPal very soon.

I also got sent this very detailed bracelet which I loveee! ♡ Little Cave Jewelery is all hand made and can be made to your liking or so that it fits you and your style. The prices are extremely good for the quailty of them too! Plus they are extremely affordable and are original and are great for special little presents for people.
You should check out the cute and dainty jewellery at:

Leather Fringed Jacket - Primark
Black Peplum Top - New Look
Black Disco Pants - Glamour
Knee High Socks - Primark
Spiked Boots - Hypnotic
Black Spiked Duffle Bag - Primark
Faux Fur Leather Gloves - Primark
Pearl Cat Ears - Miss Selfridge
Witch Choker and Silver Skull bracelet - Little Cave 

Thanks for reading beautiful people, enjoy the rest of your day and stay fabulous! ♡♥

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