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Monday, 1 December 2014

Liebster Award

Hii lovely blog readers!

Today I was nominated by for the Liebster Award which I thank-you for! For those of you who do not know what this is, it is an award awarded to bloggers who have less than 3000 followers.

If you have been nominated, you need to provide 11 facts about yourself and then answer 11 questions also about yourself. Here's a link to the rules for the Award:

1) Where were you born?
Coventry, United Kingdom.

2) Describe yourself in three words.
Perfectionist, caring and fashion-obsessed.

3) What is your guilty pleasure?
If this includes fashion is has to be camouflage print, but if it means food then definitely Pringles!

4) What quality do you appreciate the most in others?

5) What dream do you hope to accomplish someday?
To make my Fashion and Personal Style Blog into my full-time job.

6) Three things you cannot live without? (Not people)
Lip balm, my phone and my laptop of course! (Obviously I need my phone AND laptop to be able to blog!

7) Who are your favourite bloggers.
That Pommie Girl -
In The Frow -
Dressed with Jessica -
Fashi0n by Nicole -
Danielle Kimberley -
Blonde Canvas -

 8) Why did you start blogging?
 As I have a passion for art and my artistic flare is reflected in my love for fashion. I also love to post fashionable outfits for others to hopefully become inspired to recreate their own outfits.

9) If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be?

10) What would be the first thing you would do, if you won the lottery?
 Buy a Chanel bag.

11) What did you want to be when you grew up?
 A Fashion Designer - but I became realistic and are on my way to becoming a Primary School Teacher specialising in Art.

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I am a perfectionist - also think I have a slight bit of OCD as I have to have everything clean and tidy.
2. I have a Pringles addiction - I used to eat a whole tub a day...
3. I have a Black Labrador cross Border Collie dog named Pepsi.
4. I work as for an Agency as a Nursery Nurse.
5. I am a gamer girl - I own a PS3 and an Xbox 360.
6. I have 4 birth marks - a 'tea bag stain', 'strawberry' and two smaller tan coloured birth marks.
7. My lucky number is 14
8. I used to wear jeans, hoodies and trainers before my new years resolution for 2013 - to step up my fashion sense.
9. I love Art - got an A for GCSE Art - hence why I want to carry on to University to complete a Fine/History of Art degree. I also like to express my creative side through nail art and design different patterns to paint onto my nails. A friend once told me a very inspirational quote which was 'Your body is a canvas, paint it.' - Pablo Picasso. As I'm not one for tattoos, my nails are my canvas instead of my skin.
10. I had braces for exactly 1 year.

The bloggers I nominate are:
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Thanks for reading!

Isobel Celine