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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Winter Woman

Hii viewers! Today's post involves the cape trend which I have admired throughout AW14 and come across this very differently styled cape in a charity shop for only £4 - originally from Primark. A cape teamed with a roll neck jumper just shouts winter. This cape is more of an autumn wear to be honest, as the material is not thick enough to just west over a jumper. So, as you might be able to tell, I wasn't exactly warm wearing this outfit as my cape wasn't thick enough. Either way, I do love it and I've learnt that I have to wear more clothes underneath it next time!
As for knitted leggings, they are usually a big part of my winter wardrobe as they keep my legs extremely warm. As far as these ones keep me warm, I prefer them to be more high-waisted as they only come to my pelvis, so I would really suggest to wear a longer jumper over these if you don't want a freezing cold back like I got! As I've said, this is more of an autumn outfit considering how it didn't keep me very warm, but it looks more of a winter outfit so it sort of works out either way.
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Indigo Cape - Charity Shop (Similar here - )
Black Roll Neck Jumper - Charity Shop (Similar here - )
Tartan Leggings - Charity Shop (Similar here - )
Emerald Bag - Primark
Spiked Boots - Hypnotic (Similar here - )

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  1. That cape looks amazing! Love the outfit overall x

  2. Thank you! It was a brilliant find at a great price! Gotta love charity shops!x