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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Escape Shoes Wishlist X Fashionistachic14

Morning Sunday bloggers! A bit of a laid back post for a change as it's a lazy Sunday.
My obsession for boots again this season is definitely going to be worse than last year...I can just feel it. Especially how I've found the right website that fills all my needs due to wanting good quality boots, western/bohemian style and they also have the perfect boots for me to take to Iceland with me next year! I really cannot wait to go to Iceland! The dates have been moved forward to February now so we have more of a chance of seeing the Northern Lights! I'm also super excited about the coverage I will be bringing back with me full of places to go, what to do, what to eat, what to wear. Basically, a full lifestyle overview of Iceland. Continuing onto about this wishlist, I thought for a change I'll make one as I haven't in a while and I've been wanting to find some decent boots for a while due to me completely wrecking my army style lace up boots, as I completely worn them to death - literally! So this is where comes in! I have found not only my style of boots, but other pieces as well! If you like your bohemian and western looks this season, especially throughout the shoes and boots section, then this is the website for you!

Ankle Boots SIXTYSEVEN 77296 Bigrain Suede Whisky
These suede ankle boots are my definite favourites this season and I feel like I want to treat myself maybe next payday or at Christmas to these bad boys. They are so on trend with the suede especially and also adding that extra warmth to your feet - which is especially needed if I'm going to be buying these to take to Iceland with me! Also the cleated sole would give you perfect grip during the ice and snow days we get over the winter months - also what perfect addition with the flatform sole! Definitely my kind of boot considering how I'm always wanting to be higher! This is definitely a purchase I might be making, I'm just so drawn to these - even as soon as I first saw them on the website! They also come in black too!

Ankle Boots MTNG 52587 Lodiz Moka

Now these babies are similar to the boots I worn to death except slightly smaller and have extra warmth with the synthetic wool lining. I love how these boots are also made out of pecan brown synthetic leather too. They are almost a perfect match to my army boots I ad to chuck out due to literally wrecking them. I also like the sound of the extra padding on the non-removable soles - definitely sounds like a bonus as it can sometimes be a pain to wear in new boots as these are similar to Dr.Martins and I hear they really hurt to break in, but with the wool lining they aren't so bad. The description of the sole area of the boot on the website describes that it is flexible, resistant and made of thick rubber which creates the sole to be non-sticky an cushions shock. Now, when it says cushions shock, that makes me think if I stand on a pin or a large stone, I won't be able to feel it so sharply in my foot, it won't hurt your feet. I really like the sound of these boots...oh my gosh guys, I really like the sound of these boots too...oh dear...I might be getting more than one pair of boots for this Iceland trip and also throughout AW15...They also come in camel as well guys - one of this seasons on trend colours!

Galochas HUNTER Womens Original Tall Gloss Black WFT1000RGLBLK

These are the cheapest Hunter Wellies I have seen so far! When I've look on the likes of Schuh and other websites, they've been over £100! And even though sell their products in euros, it makes these wellies to be £84.86! That's just under £20 off of how much we would get them for in the UK! Hunter Wellies are another pair of shoes/boots I've always wanted as they are such good quality wellies and not only well structure and well made, the price of these are good compared to other retailers! I'm shocked at how good this website is sounding right now! I'm liking the high quality products for decent prices! Basically a bit like TK Maxx!

Clogs XUZ High Heel With Studs VPA1315

Now I've never really been a fan of clogs, but something has drawn me towards these...It's definitely to do with my love for seventies retro and the bohemian/western look about them that I like. I think they'd look fabulous with a pair of jeans (especially under flares), a gypsy/bohemian styled top, tanned or black fedora and a fringed bag. That would just be the perfect outfit to team these beauties with. They'd also look stylish with a floaty, maybe dip hem skirt or dress during the summer months. These are something I would definitely wear and I can see they have a cleated sort of sole which is needed with block heels I feel, as you can easily slip in heels like this unless it has a good grip on the sole.

Sandals BLACK BY XUZ High Heel with Medals BXZ0315

Now how western/bohemian are these?! I can so see me styling these up! These seriously need to get in my shoedrobe! These wouldn't be western/bohemian sandals without the medals on them. They would look so good with any outfit with a fedora in it! Especially ripped jeans, a cami top with a long cardigan thrown over the top, topped off with a fedora and bohemian accessories! So on trend! Like I said before, this website suits all my personal style shoe needs!

What do you guys think of this site? What's your favourite? Have a look for yourself here -

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  1. What lovely picks, Iceland sounds amazing and I say treat yourself for the coming months and the cold trip, you know you'll need them!

    1. Definitely! I seriously love the first pair and I'm really tempted by them!