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Monday, 23 November 2015

Luxemme Christmas Giveaway

Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music, going Christmas shopping, or pulling the decorations out? Well, I've already bought a Christmas CD, already finished (yes, I repeat, FINISHED) the Christmas shopping and will be bring the Christmas tree and all the decorations out in full force this weekend! I am determind to make this year an awesome year for my family and friends. I don't even want to think about how much I've spent on everybody, I just can't wait to see their faces when they open their presents and the happiness they will get from them! Anyway, continue reading if you want to know all about the above giveaway!

Remember Luxemme? Maybe this post here will refresh your mind. Anyway, I have teamed up with Luxemme again for a very special giveaway! And what better time of the year to have one with Christmas around the corner!

Last year, Luxemme worked with various charities and very kindly sent them free clothing to give to people who where homeless, orphaned or unfortunately didn't have any family over the Christmas period. This year, they want to spread a little more festive joy and help even more people to send that extra special Christmas gift to their friends and family. Christmas isn't just about the presents and family. It's about sharing - which in my opinion is the best part. Seeing your loved ones and friends be so happy and grateful and just sharing that lovely warm experience through Christmas with those special people.

Christmas is definitely the most expensive time of the year and it is definitely tough to budget at such an awesome time of the year, particularly for parents or people who aren't as fortunate as others, and we all know it's not always possible to buy that special something for that special someone due to this. This is where Luxemme jump in! These free vouchers are here to either giveaway to family, friends or work colleagues to help you out! They are also awesome to use as stocking fillers! Trust me, it'll definitely put a smile on their faces on that special day! A little bonus is, you can customise them before you put them into Christmas cards or stockings! There's also no harm in getting them for yourself as a little gift or two for yourself as it is that special time of the year.

Expanding on to the point of this post, Luxemme are giving all my lovely readers/viewers the chance to take part in their FREE Exclusive £15 Christmas Voucher Giveaway AND get the chance to WIN £200! Sounds good right? If you want to earn yourself some vouchers to help you with gifts for family and friends this Christmas, or for just a little Christmas treat for yourself, like and follow their page and follow the link here and enter your details and have your vouchers sent to you via post! These vouchers are free so what's stopping you?!

Also, I couldn't help but noticing while over on their site the amount of new clothing that has been added! Especially their Celebrity Range! I have definitely got my eye on this Flared Sleeve Cape Dress and this High Neck Swing Dress! I know what I'd be using these vouchers for! Go and find your favourites on their site here!