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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Beauty | Make Up Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1 Review

Make Up Revolution Palette Review

Beauty? On Fashionista Chic? Yep. That's right. Introducing beauty blogging to Fashionista Chic is definitely correct guys! And what better way to start out than with my favourite make-up brand; Make Up Revolution!

So, let's get started! This is the first palette I ever bought from the Make Up Revolution range which I've had since near the beginning of this year I think? Either way, this palette has been my go-to eye wear nearly every single time I leave the house. Whether it's to go out for the day, for a meal, shopping or even a night out. It is always this palette I reach for every time. Even though I own three of Make Up Revolutions palettes (and still want more) this is my definite favourite - Make Up Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1

Carrying on to the quality and pigmentation from this palette...I have to say, the shades are the exact dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Palette! I haven't ever tried the Urban Decay Naked palettes yet, but they are something I would love to try out seeing how much use I get out of this palette I think that it would be worth the buy!

Make Up Revolution Palette Review
Make Up Revolution Palette Review
Make Up Revolution Palette Review

Heading back to this palette though, for only £4, the pigmentation is insane! With just one swipe of a blending brush, (I had to use a blending brush due to the shadow sticking to my fingers so well which, yes, is a good thing as it shows this shadows stays on all day!) as you can see above, the shades are exactly the same colours as on the palette. One slight problem is with the lighter colours you slightly have to build up the colour, but not so much that you literally have to pile it on the shadow brush, just a little bit extra to what you would with the middle shaded tones.

Make Up Revolution Palette Review
                                            1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10          11          12

My go-to shades have to be 5, 6 & 7. Gold eyes are my absolute favourites for autumn especially. I some times add shade number 10 into my crease for an extra smokey gold look. If I want to make a more defined look to my eye look, I use sellotape (yes, sellotape is a useful tool when it comes to beauty) from the outer corner of my eye to the end of my eyebrow to make that area more neat and precise. It is also useful for catching the extra shadow that falls off your brush and ending up where you don't want it and it ends up smudging and ruins your entire look. So there's a tip for you beauty girls that have never used that idea before - trust me it's a life saver! Just be warned, you may want to take this step before you put on any foundation or concealer.

Make Up Revolution Palette Review

Overall, this is a palette I would recommend to anyone who loves the smokey eye look but like to go for the slightly lighter option of glittery shades and the day time smokey eye look. This is definitely the perfect palette to go from a day to night look!

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  1. beautiful palette,

  2. Great review, looks like I might have to try this palette! Glad to see you've introduced beauty to your blog :)

    1. You should! And I know right! It's about time isn't it!?