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Monday, 11 January 2016

Advice | Bra Fit Issues & Solutions

 Hello Ladies!

Something slightly different on Fashionista Chic for a change...I recently discovered ThirdLove and thought it would be a good idea to bring you a fab guide to fix all of your bra-blems. ThirdLove is a brand that sells awesome fitting bras, which I will explain to you if you would like to carry on reading. Never did I think I would ever be writing about bra problems...We all have these issues with them though right? Whether it's slipping straps, the wire doesn't stay in the right place, straps digging in, cup overflow, side overflow or even cup gaping. It's all about finding the right size for you. Here's a little guide to each problem you get with your bra.

Third Love
Slipping Straps

Quite a common one here, if you have this problem, here's a few tips.

1. Tighten your straps. This may be really obvious but when you've worn your bra a few times the straps start to stretch out. So I recommend you tighten them slightly every month.

2. Still doesn't work? It might be a good idea to try out a different bra style. These bras (Full Coverage, Demi and Convertible) have pretty narrow set straps so they stay on your shoulders. Balconette and Plunge bras normally have wider set straps, so for those of your with sloping or narrow shoulders, this issue could be excessive with these styles.

Third Love
Straps Digging In

Your definitely not alone in this case. This is one of them sort of bras that you can't wait to get home and rip off your bra as soon as you walk in your door from a long day.

The straps aren't there for doing the heavy lifting, it's the bra band that should be doing all the work. When your straps start to dig in, this is more than likely the case of your band is too big or has stretched out a tad bit to the point that your not getting the support you need. It might be best to buy one band size smaller if this occurs.

Here's a little tip to remember: Whenever you go down a size in the band, you need to go up a size in a bigger cup. A little example would be if you're a 36C your tighter band would be 34D. If you need more help, here's a little size chart to help you.

Here's a tip for those of you with a cup over the D size, it might be best to buy a style with narrower straps. This is because those strap styles are more centred on your shoulders so that the weight of your breast is evenly dispersed. One to be recommend would be a Full Coverage bra.

Third Love
Wire Sits On Your Breasts

Here's a solution if you have this problem.

1. This is more than likely because your cup is too small, which means you need to try a bigger cup size. Don't worry if you don't think you're a whole cup size bigger as you can try out some 1/2 cup sizes which Third Love actually sell - BONUS! An example of this would be, if your wearing a 34C size bra, you could either try a band size down or try a half size which would be 34C1/2. Again if your not quite sure, here's the size chart for you to review.

2. This issue can also occur through wearing a band that is too loose on you. If your cup size fits you well, but the wire of the bra is still sitting on your breast, you may just need a tighter band. An example of this would be if your currently wearing a size 34C and the cup fits you well but you want a tighter band then you'll be a size 32D. Don;t worry, your still a C cup but it just has a tighter band within this size. The best tip to keep in mind with this is if you can slip two fingers underneath the back of the band. The band should then be nice and comfortable on the loosest hook, so when the bra stretches out next time, you can continue to tighten it.

Third Love
Cup Overflow

This when your breasts overflow from the top of your bra cups, which means it's time to swap it for a bigger cup size and give your breasts some breathing space. Some advice with this problem would be to go up one size with the cup. Basically, if you're a 34D, trade it up for a 34E. You will then feel much more comfortable in that area then!

Third Love
Side Overflow

Sometimes this happens, your breasts spilling out the side of the cup. This is because the cup size is wayyy too small. How to dispose of this issue would be to simply just go up in a cup size!

Another option would be that the band is not tight enough causing the wire to sit on your breasts, and what does that mean? Size down in the band and up in the cup! A comfortable band would pull the wire back and allow your breast to sit into the cup properly.

Third Love
Cup Gaping

This is a pretty common issue for us women as we all have different breast types. See what type yours is with the Breast Shape Dictionary.
Since your breast is just chilling at the bottom of the cup, it leaves room at the top that creates gaping.

1. The first idea would be to tighten your straps as this is usually all you need to do.

2. Doesn't work? Try going down a cup size as your cup might be slightly big. If you don't think your a whole cup size smaller, this is where you take the half a cup size option. If you didn't read this part above, here's an example: If you're usually a 34B, try a 34A1/2.

3. If your cup still fits well but there is still a slight bit of room at the top, it might be best to try a Plunge or Push-Up style as these cups are angled and are cut smaller to reduce gaping.

Did this help? Please let me know! As us ladies, I'm sure we all understand, that we all have fitting problems from time to time and I'm sure this little guide will give you some help with it when the time comes with needing help within the bra department.

Thank you for reading!

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