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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Beauty | Skincare Routine


I've been using a numerous amount of different skincare products all by Garnier lately. Seeing as I've been using Simple Skincare for a long time and it just isn't right for my skin type which consists of dry patches around my forehead, corners of my eyelids, around my mouth and also near my chin. I also suffer with oily areas too, which is such a pain! 
Since I changed my skincare routine, I have noticed a difference and think I have found that my skin is a combination of dry/dehydrated and oily, as certain areas that I apply moisturiser/cream to, make me breakout in the same areas every time. Anyone have any advice as to how to fix this or any recommendations?
Anyway, here's what my skincare routine consists of...


Firstly, I use this Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash in the morning and at night. Every time I use this, my face does feel really fresh and clean, it removes all of my make-up that's left after using the Garnier Micellar Water, but when I look closely in the mirror, I can still see blackheads which I really want to get rid of. I've tried the Garnier Wake Me Up Face Scrub which I use 2-3 times a week, but that doesn't seem to lift them either. When I first started using this range, my skin thanked me for it as I saw such an improvement to how my skin appeared, but now, it's kind of all over the place and I'm having breakouts and dry patches more often. I've tried to sleep better and eat better which has helped but not massively. I do like the lovely shine this wash gives to my skin ones I've washed and dried my face, even though it clearly states 'Shine Be Gone!' it gives a gorgeous highlight over my cheekbones. This is perfect for when I go for just concealer and mascara days, as my face has a natural highlight!


This Garnier Moisture Matte moisturiser does slightly mattify my skin, but it still lets my skin glow in a lovely natural way that it should, but, it doesn't help my dry patches due to the matte texture of it. This is where I struggle, if I apply a rich moisturiser to my face then I have a major break out, but if I apply a moisturiser that is too light to my skin, then my dry patches get worse and don't get sorted out. Can anyone help me out here?


I used to use a facial toner when I used Simple Skincare, but I didn't use it often. When I first used this Garnier Toner, it made my skin feel very refreshed and definitely tighter, but as I used it every morning and night when I should of used it after I wore a whole face of make-up, it made me break out in my oily places of my face. Which was so annoying as I loved using this and I'm currently on my second bottle of it. I love using this toner, but the downside for me is that it stings when I pat over my dry patches and it makes me break out within my oily places.

Into conclusion, I loved this skincare routine in the beginning, but I think my skin has become too used to it and it has become immune to the same routine. I think I need to switch it up a bit and change the brand or try some different products. Liz Earle is the next brand I will be trying though for my full skincare routine, as while I was down in London I stopped in there and talked to a couple of lovely ladies about skincare and the problems I've been having and they were very helpful! I ended up buying a whole pack of things which, once I have finished using all my Garnier products, I will then start to use my Liz Earle products.

Do you have any recommendations skincare lovers? What's your opinion on these products?


  1. Lovely post <3

  2. Great review, I find that happens to me too if I don't change things once in a while. I do like the look of the Garner products though. Gemma x

    1. Yeaa your skin becomes immune to it doesn't it :L Thank you for reading!x

  3. Hi dear! You have a fantastic blog, I really like it!