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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fashion | What I Would Wear During Festival Season

Summer is certainly not far away now fashionista's! I am dying to dig out all my hippie/bohemian pieces ready for the festival season! With the sun certainly showing more an appearance lately, we are hopefully going to have more of a summer this year (in the UK anyway)!

Basically guys, I've been looking at a few pieces that I would definitely love wear during the festival period and found a load that I would buy over on Esprit! I thought I'd find a site that I haven't used before, and I like the look of most of the clothing items over there and am really considering buying some of these pieces in this post, as I am attending V Fest for the first time this year, so I may buy some new pieces for it!

Bohemian Dress

This particular top caught my eye straight away in their new summer tops range! For £29.00, it's just like some of the dresses I've seen in Primark's new summer range, yet of a different design to the pattern! I love to be different, and not have pieces that everyone else has, so this top would be perfect for my style!

Bohemian Top

How cute is this top though guys?! The embroidery is so beautifully detailed, and the colours used look so much nicer popping out next to the white material! I'd give this a modern western twist with maybe adding a fedora and denim shorts with either a vintage belt or a bright colour blanket wrap that I own. Blanket wraps are great cover ups during festivals, you know why? As you can make them into a blanket to sit on while your there! How versatile! The fact that this top also comes in blue and black as well though! The blue especially is made of a denim type of material and would look so nice with a pair of white denim shorts or jeans!

Saddle Bag

Saddle bags have always been something that I've loved, with the many patterns, colours and designs they come in too. I've not always been one for bum bags at a festival, even though I am considering it this year so that I keep all my belongings safely strapped to me. Shoulder strap bags have just been something that I've always preferred. It's like with clutch bags, I don't want to take them on a night out with me as I don't want to lose them, when with a shoulder strap bag, I know I won't take it off, not even once during the night. So this applies the same for during a festival, and this particular one would be perfect for the outfit's I have lined up for the weekend!

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator's are something that I live in lately, I even wear them on my head when I'm at work I love them that much (more to the point I forget that they're actually on my head, by yeaa hahaa)! Aviator's I feel fit my face shape nicely though.The new Quay Australia Sunglasses range though are something I've been dying to try out, especially with the blue mirrored lenses!

Suede Flats

Okay, maybe I wouldn't wear these to a festival, but I definitely NEED these in my summer wardrobe! I was scrolling through the footwear section of the site and these were what I was draw to the most! With the suede and the little fringe detailing, it screams 70's style which is perfect for my style and the vibe I like to give off during the summer season! Omg guys...I am seriously considering buying these...Enter heart eyes emoji's here!

Khaki Shorts

I've been obsessed with khaki over the last few months, and seeing as most people tend to go towards denim shorts during the festival period, I'd be different and go for a lighter material and a different colour, as we all know I don't like to follow the crowd. Especially adding in a vintage belt, gladiator sandals, a white bohemian top, maybe the one above, followed by the saddle bad and a fedora, that'd be day 1 sorted for me!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post guys, as I certainly enjoyed making this post! I've been wanting to feature some festival outfit posts on the blog lately as Coachella wasn't so long ago, so expect to see a lot more festival styled outfits!

Thanks for reading!


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