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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Beauty | The Perfect Ladies Scents - Missguided Body Mists

Missguided Body Mists

Not sure on what to get the girls for Christmas? Don't all us girls love a bit of perfume or a body mist? Missguided honestly have the nicest body mists! Alongside their famous perfumes, they have lovely simplistic girly, but boss babe packaging with a scent to suit all girls! Let's see what they have to offer...

Missguided Body Mists

Boy Tears - let's start off with my favourite body mist to use after a shower, a nice fresh smell that reminds me of Dolce & Gabana Light Blue, which is one of my Mum's favourite perfumes. With notes of bergamont, raspberry, peony and patchouli, it's that perfect floral fresh smell  for all ages of women! The freshness also comes from the hint of lemon, lime and mandarin. I love the smell of these! Boy Tears retails at £10.00 in Superdrug and on the official Missguided website with 290ml of floral fresh goodness.

Missguided Body Mists

The next body mist Missguided have to offer is the Vibe Enhancer which is very sweet with citrus notes. Which is no surprise when it's made up of apple combined with strawberry, warm caramel and vanilla. A very lovely mixture that if you added cinnamon could possibly smell quite christmassy! It's a very lovely girly smell that would be perfect for that transition into spring.

Missguided Body Mists

Finally, but not the end of their body mist collection, Instant Feels comes in a lovely sleek grey and pink simplistic styled bottle filled with a rather musky smell with, sweet vanilla, bergamont, raspberry and patchouli, so this is a smell that I would wear for a night out or out for dinner as it reminds me of those nights out partying with the girls.

Missguided also have a body mist called Unicorn Dreams which is the final one I need to add to my body mist collection! Why not treat your self to a bottle or for your best friend? Or why not the whole collection? You won't be disappointed! Buy all 3 scents below.

Instant Feels Body Mist*

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  1. These look amazing! I love Misguided, need to try these x

  2. Oh my gosh Boys Tears sounds LUSH! I love their packaging, too!

  3. Ooo I've been eyeing these up! :D These all sound so lovely. The one I'm eyeing up is definitely Vibe Enhancer! :D


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