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Friday, 22 May 2020

Lifestyle | My Ideal Morning Routine


Lockdown has certainly thrown my routine right out the window. So instead of waking up at 7am and getting up at 7:30am after being on my phone, it completely changed. I'm going to walk you through my ideal morning routine and some tips throughout to maybe help you with your morning routine.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Advice | The Growth In My Blog Over 6 Years

Isobel Celine

Th 16th May (I'm sure?) marks my blogging journey being 6 years now, we all know how fast time flies. I started this blog when I was about 16/17, not knowing what on earth I was doing. I started taking photos in my back garden with a shoe box as a tripod. I didn't know where I was going with these posts, apart from the fact I loved writing about my outfits and creating them.

Monday, 11 May 2020

Fashion | 3 Loungewear Sets You Need During Lockdown

Who else is living in loungewear? I honestly don't think I want to put on another pair of jeans again after living in all the cosy clothes. I've worn to death so many loungewear pieces, but the main sets I've been wearing are pastel coloured sets. So for today's post, as of course we are all living in loungewear, I'm bringing to you my 3 favourite sets you need right now.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Fashion | Bank Holiday Sales Wishlist

Isobel Celine
*This post contains affiliate links*

Who else has been a little bit too obsessed with the sales recently? I ordered a fair few things online, especially InTheStyle - watch the haul here. So I have been scoring the internet for all the sales going on over the bank holiday weekend, to put together this Wishlist & guide to all the best discounts right now.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Advice | How I've Been Dealing With The Pressure Of A Work/Life Balance

isobel celine

Having that perfect routine of work/life balance I'm sure is what we all want, but putting too much pressure on ourselves to be doing everything at once certainly won't be good for your mental health. I wanted to write about this subject as I've recently been struggling myself with this situation. As working from home during the pandemic can be a difficult one to be able to break up your work day with your home life, as a lot of the time, work can interrupt your home life as I'm sure we all feel sometimes. This is where I'll be talking you through what I've been doing to try and get that work/life balance, especially during the pandemic.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Advice | 9 Things I'm Grateful For In Lockdown Life

What I'm Grateful For In Life

As we are all aware by now, life is currently standing still until Boris says 'YOUR FREE TO GO OUT'. We are all staying home and doing things we don't normally do and honestly trying to stay sane. As I'm writing this, we are into week 6 of lockdown in the UK, and my gosh it has made me really think about the little things in life and the things we take for granted. So of course, I'll be talking you through the things I've been grateful for in life, especially throughout lockdown.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Fashion | The Best Sales Out There Right Now

Isobel Celine

Who's been treating themselves with online shopping more lately? I wouldn't say I've been shopping a lot but I've bought the odd thing here and there recently. I thought I'd bring you a Wishlist of what I'm loving right now and all the best deals and discount codes that are happening right now so you can either grab yourself a bargain or just treat yourself.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Beauty | New In Beauty For Spring

New In Beauty For Spring
New In Beauty For Spring

Spring is definitely here, even if we have entered the April showers time of the year. But during this time, especially because of lockdown, I've been embracing my skin a lot more. I've been trying out a lot more products during this time and have been trying to use them up as much as I can due to having so many new products, I buy way too many products that's for sure! But also I have kindly been gifted a few items in this post also which is so lovely! So let's dive in to what products I've been using lately.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Fashion | Shoes I'm Currently Obsessed With

Spring Trends I'm Loving Right Now
Affiliate links have been included in this post, but this does not mean you spend any extra money on items.

I am obsessed with the sales at the moment, so what better way to bring you all the shoes I am lusting over right now and have on my wish list. Ego Shoes are by far one of my favourite shoe brands and they have a massive 50% off sale right now with some of the most on trend style of shoes included in the sale. I'm trying to resist because I definitely don't have the room for new shoes, but I am very tempted! The same goes for Public Desire, they have a sale up to 75% off, as well as 30% off items not in the sale with the code 'THIRTY'.
I literally live in Fila's right now as they are the most comfortable trainers I own. I have 3 pairs and honestly would like a pair in every colour. Happy lockdown shopping!

Friday, 17 April 2020

Lifestyle | How To Stay Healthy Whilst At Home

How To Stay Healthy Whilst At Home

How many times have you been opening the fridge door or the cupboards looking for food because your bored? Yes same I've been doing it too...whoops. But with that in mind, if your looking to keep it healthy, maybe start reaching for the healthy snacks. There's nothing wrong with a bit of cake, chocolate, sweet treats etc. As a cheat day is definitely needed sometimes, especially during the pandemic, we need something good to keep us going, whether it is indulging in food.