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Monday, 27 July 2020

Fashion | 3 Playsuits You Need For Summer

Femme Luxe Review
This post contains PR Samples from Femme Luxe. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.
Playsuits are such an easy throw on piece to have during summer, whether it's to go out for dinner, a garden party, bbq, picnic in the park with friends, night out, any occasion, they are an easy option to take that are super comfortable. Here are 3 playsuits I've picked out from Femme Luxe that I will be wearing throughout summer.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Advice | 6 Goals For The Next 6 Months - Life After Lockdown

Isobel Celine

Now that Boris has announced that from 4th July more places can start to reopen, from 25th July gyms can reopen, 1st August everyone can go back to work. I'm so happy the gyms are opening as there's so much working out at home I can take. I've been finding it really hard to think about the future and what I want to achieve, so I wanted to write out some goals to achieve throughout the next 6 months of 2020. Even though it's technically 5 months left of 2020 now we are in July!

Friday, 10 July 2020

Press Event | Showcase Cinemas Are Back Open!

Showcase Cinema Coventry
I was kindly invited as press to the Showcase Cinema Coventry to see a film of choice. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.

Finally we have some entertainment back now that lockdown restrictions have been slowly lifted. Which means Showcase Cinemas across the UK are finally back open! I was so excited when I had been invited to head down to my local Cinema to see a film of my choice. I love a good trip to the cinema to just sit back, relax & eat all the snacks. In my case it was a big can of paprika Pringles, vegan sweets & a bottle of squash. So let's get into this post & see how the visit went.

Friday, 3 July 2020

Advice | Let's Talk About Mental Health - Lockdown Edition

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Our mental health should be our top priority, especially during this worldwide pandemic and the whole lockdown situation. I've certainly been going up and down with my mental health during this uncertain time. I suppose it didn't help with having our holiday cut short and having an emergency flight home, having to self isolate when we came back and then lockdown happened, so I was stuck at Adam's parents house for 3 months. Of course having none of my own space, living out of a suitcase and working from there with the same 4 walls everyday drove me insane. But since Boris brought in the support bubble system, I've FINALLY been able to come home! Which was so wonderful to finally be able to see my Mum and have my own space back. So within this post from the experience I've gained through this difficult time, I'm going to share with you, how I felt, how I coped and what I did to stop myself going mentally insane.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Fashion | 3 Dresses You Need When Nightlife Reopens

Isobel Celine
This post contains press samples from Femme Luxe. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.

I've collected a fair few new pieces throughout lockdown, and nice dresses have certainly been the main items I've been picking up and wearing. I really miss the freedom of getting all dressed up to go down the town and dancing the night away. Dancing is something I love to do on a night out so I can't wait for when it's safe for the nightclubs to reopen so we can all get our favourite or new outfits on and dance the night away.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Fashion | Moving Onto Editorial & Self Portrait Photography Whilst In Lockdown

Photography Ideas

I've always enjoyed photography styles in different ways and that's something I wanted to start implementing into my instagram feed. As much as I love a good outfit post, exploring different creative ways to take photographs I've thoroughly enjoyed during lockdown. I'm going to take you through the ways I find to get my creative juices flowing.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Food | How To Make Vegan Lotus Biscoff Bars

Vegan Biscoff Bars

Baking during lockdown has certainly become very popular, considering how you can hardly find a bag of flour in the shops at the moment. Thankfully this delicious Vegan Biscoff Bars recipe doesn't need flour. I asked over on Instagram not too long ago if you guys would like the recipe to these delicious bars I made and the answer was, quite literally, 'Hell yes!'. I haven't done recipes on my blog before apart from when I made banana bread with Creative Nature which you can read here. If you'd like to see more recipes from me, please do let me know or comment down below. Right, let's get cracking!

Monday, 1 June 2020

Advice | 8 Things To Update On Your Blog

Spring Outfits

I've been updating my blog more and more recently with just little bits and pieces, but there's a few I've been focusing on the most so I wanted to bring you the 8 things that you can update on your blog.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Lifestyle | My Ideal Morning Routine


Lockdown has certainly thrown my routine right out the window. So instead of waking up at 7am and getting up at 7:30am after being on my phone, it completely changed. I'm going to walk you through my ideal morning routine and some tips throughout to maybe help you with your morning routine.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Advice | The Growth In My Blog Over 6 Years

Isobel Celine

Th 16th May (I'm sure?) marks my blogging journey being 6 years now, we all know how fast time flies. I started this blog when I was about 16/17, not knowing what on earth I was doing. I started taking photos in my back garden with a shoe box as a tripod. I didn't know where I was going with these posts, apart from the fact I loved writing about my outfits and creating them.