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Friday, 24 May 2019

Beauty | Duck & Dry Comes To The World's Biggest Primark

Duck and Dry Birmingham Primark

*I was kindly invited to Duck & Dry for reviewing purposes and gifted all 3 treatments. All opinions are honest and completely my own. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.*

There's an actual nail, hair and eyebrows salon in the World's Biggest Primark in Birmimgham! How awesome is that?! I went to the store on the day after it opened & was in there for 3 and a half hours would you believe it...and spent £135...Watch the vlog here and the Primark Haul here. On my second time going to the World's Biggest Primark, I was kindly invited in to the Duck & Dry Xpress salon to get my hair braided, manicure and to have my eyebrows threaded (first time I was getting my eyebrows threaded, but we'll go into more detail later on in the post.) So let's see how the hair went.

Duck and Dry Birmingham Primark
Duck and Dry Birmingham Primark

I absolutely ADORED my hairstyle that a lovely lady did with my hair! She did it exactly how I saw on the picture on the wall in the salon and made it so beautiful and it lasted not only that day but the next day too. The lady who did my hair was so nice and friendly and we were chatting away about Avengers End Game (go watch it if you haven't already!) and all about our dogs etc. How can you not talk about your dogs cute habits? There was this really nice hairspray that she used and every time I'm in a shop that sells hair products I'm always looking out for it but I can't seem to find it yet - blue Got2B Hair spray that smelt LUSH. A dry style, which was what I had was £17 I think? But the cuts themselves are so cheap and affordable and they do it super fast too!

Duck and Dry Birmingham Primark
Duck and Dry Birmingham Primark

Onto eyebrows, now this was the first time I'd ever got my eyebrows threaded, so I was pretty nervous about the pain of it, but you know what? It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Didn't hurt as much and they turned out so nice that I want to go and get them done again there. It's £6 to get your eyebrows threaded so not bad at all really and only takes 5 minutes literally. The only bad thing that happened was that where one of my eyebrow hairs was, it must of been a hell of a thick one as a rather large (well small really) hole was left behind which was strange? And for some reason my forehead came out in a slight rash, not sure why as there was nothing put on there or anything as in products and the lady that did my eyebrows didn't even touch my forehead so I just think it was a slight reaction to my eyebrows being threaded. It wasn't irritable or anything but it was just there for like 3 days then went away. Very strange, but I love my eyebrows and their even more natural shape now - WOOHOO!

Duck and Dry Birmingham Primark
Duck and Dry Birmingham Primark
Duck and Dry Birmingham Primark

Lastly was my nails. Now this was a rather long process in the end as it took well over an hour, and my partner was with me so bless him he had to wait a while. The nail technician was so lovely and chatted away to me and we had some funny conversations. I chose a lovely turquoise blue for my nails and I wish I bought it now, as Adam said you can buy them from there and I didn't think you could as I thought they were the ones that were already open. Dam it...But anyway, my nails were shaped up nicely and then once they were painted I sat under the dryer (well my nails did) for about 15 minutes and the polish was so thick it literally didn't dry enough, and my being the clumsy person I am smudged them before I even left the salon. They asked if I wanted them repainted but it was only one finger so I said it was fine. Then later on due to shopping that day I smudged the rest of them. I think there was a bit too much polish as it was a gel coat and Primark nail varnishes tend to take longer to dry I've noticed anyway. But either way, if you want a quick manicure for £10, Duck & Dry is worth a try.

Have you ever been to Duck & Dry before?


*I was kindly invited to Duck & Dry for reviewing purposes and gifted all 3 treatments. All opinions are honest and completely my own. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.*
Friday, 17 May 2019

Beauty | My Mask Time Box Review

My Mask Time Box Review

I love a good pamper evening. I've been using different kinds of face masks at least 2 times a week and my skin is loving it. The masks I've been using the most are the Korean face masks from the My Mask Time subscription box I was kindly gifted - through a collaboration with Creative Bloggers Connected. Myself and Saffron from Pixiebowuk own and manage together and we hold loads of different collaborations and events in the UK and anyone can join in! Join here if you'd like to be involved.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Beauty | 3 Products You Need For A Sunday Pamper

Maya Rey

Sunday's are my favourite. Anyone else? I love Sunday's purely for the fact it's the day where I don't plan anything and in the evening I give the entire evening to myself to completely relax and pamper myself ready for the new week ahead. And there's 3 products I've been using a lot during these pamper nights which I'm going to tell you a little bit about and why you should try them too.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Beauty | Suzie Gee MUA Skin Masterclass

Suzie Gee MUA Skin Masterclass

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to Suzie Gee's MUA Skin Masterclass, organised by my best blogging gal Saffron Baker from PixieBowUK. I'd never been to a masterclass before until this one and it honestly opened up my eyes to learning new things about make up and the tips, tricks and methods you can try out and play with within make up! I become so motivated and re-inspired again from attending this make up class which I honestly needed! So lets see what happened during the class...

Monday, 6 May 2019

Fashion | How To Style Burnt Orange

Fargo Village

There's a funny story behind the day we took these photos. See the tiger print boots I'm wearing? I absolutely adore them and haven't worn them much and they go with so much, I got them on sale on Missguided for like £15 not so long ago. So getting to the point of the story, we were walking around Fargo Village - one of my favourite places to go, especially for a bubble tea at Bubble Boba and shopping and having a nosey around in the little independent business, especially the bath bomb shop! As we were walking, all of sudden the bottom of the heel came off! Like REALLY?! I would expect it from cheap online shops but not missguided. So these are now sat at the back of my wardrobe until I can think whether to glue the black bit back on or just give them to charity or something. Any tips on how to fit them as they aren't your normal shoes you can get the heel redone on.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Travel | How To Eat Your Way Around Krakow | Poland

How To Eat Your Way Around Krakow

Krakow, especially in the main square is filled with plenty of restaurants and cafes to try out different and worldwide ranges of foods. When myself & Adam had a city break in Krakow back on October 2018, the main thing we did was try out as many different ranges of food that we could - especially considering how cheap it was over there for a meal for 2!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Fashion | Transitioning My Wardrobe For SS19

Spring Style

Spring is well and truly here. We had that bank holiday beautiful weather that felt like a mini summer and then we had the typical rain and thunderstorms back for April showers...Regardless of the weather trying to make it's mind up, I'm so ready for all weathers for spring and summer. I spent a whole evening clearing out my autumn and winter clothes, shoes and accessories, even cleared out a load of things for the charity shop. Even though I cleared out so much, I still have too many clothes and bags etc...But what. can I say? I love fashion!

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Theatre | The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch

Do you ever remember watching The Worst Witch on CBBC when you wear a kid? I was OBSESSED with it when I was a kid! I used to adore watching it before school in the morning and any episode I could get hold of to sit and watch all the magic happen! It was like my style of Harry Potter! So when Saffron from PixieBowUK invited me with her to go and see The Worst Witch at the Belgrade Theatre, I couldn't contain my excitement! And it was that good & entertaining I had to share this!

Monday, 22 April 2019

Blogger Event | Bubble Boba Tea Making Class

Bubble Boba

Bubble Tea...Never did I ever think I would be able to get the chance to have a class making one of my favourite things! Bubble Boba in Fargo Village is one of my favourite places to get a milkshake from. Especially the mouth watering sweet Banana Salted Caramel Milkshake! I was Kindly invited to an evening of fun, laughs and bubble tea making where myself and 4 other lovely bloggers had the chance to make a bubble tea and bubble tea milkshake! Let's see what fun went down in this vibrantly coloured little shop!

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Lifestyle | Easter Gift Guide

Easter Gift Guide 2019

Easter is such a cute time of the year, especially for kids with all the Easter Half Term activities, but us adults should join in too! I used to love joining in with the Easter Bonnet parade when I was little, I made a really cute bunny style top hat out of cardboard that I kept for years! My Dad always used to set up Easter egg hunts every Easter too, that used to be so difficult but SO fun! Makes me miss being a kid! But Easter isn't always about kids, it's about everyone coming together with family, plus lots and lots of chocolate of course, (not to forget the delicious roast dinner to follow!), so let's see what's in store this time round for this Easter Gift Guide 2019!