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Thursday 15 January 2015

Fashion | It's A Long Way To Hollywood

Isobel Celine

Hallooo! (Bit of German there for you, seeing as I learnt a little bit of German during my school years) I guess your wondering why this post is actually called 'It's A Long Way To Hollywood'? Well, it's not actually Hollywood I'm aiming for, (I'd love to go there one day though) it's the fact that one day I hope to become a success in the blogging community.

My days are now revolving around my blog posts, shooting in the morning before I go out, uploading the pictures to my laptop, then to my phone (won't let me upload to Blogger through my laptop), upload the photos and edit the post through my laptop. I've got all my blog posts planned out for the rest of January. In the new year I have become even more organised when it comes to writing my posts. I put that little bit more effort into them day-by-day. Some people that read blogs and aren't a blogger themselves, may not understand how much work is actually put into a blog. People that know me well know that I am always trying to think of knew ways of making my blog better and something better to read for my viewers. Anyway, another reason why I named my post this is because the way I styled my hair. For some reason it reminded me of a Hollywood red carpet look...?
Isobel Celine

 Moving onto today's outfit. My poncho was a gift from my mum's holiday to Spain which I loovvveeee! Underneath for that extra bit of warmth is my favourite black roll neck jumper. I seem to be wearing a lot of black and grey's this winter, but I can't help it as they literally go with anything. As for my skirt, you may have seen it in a recent post before. The colours are extremely vibrant and it is also a must have for the winter if you love wearing skirts but don't want to be cold, this one teamed with some thick tights are perfect with a pair of boots during the winter.

Thanks for reading!

Poncho - Gift from Spain
Roll Neck Jumper - Charity Shop
Aztec Skirt - Hidden Fashion
Over The Knee Boots - New Look

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Isobel Celine


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  1. Gorgeous pattern on that skirt. And great to see you being so proactive on your blogging, great stuff. Keep up the good work :-)