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Monday, 6 July 2015

Travel | A Day Out In Stratford-Upon Avon

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Seriously loving the hippie, vintage, retro, gypsy, bohemian, festival and 70's vibes going around EVERYWHERE lately! This has to be one of my absolute favourite trends. Festival season is just the best! As the weather wasn't the warmest, flares, crochet and fringing with an added straw hat was needed for this kind of day. Okay, I almost lost my hat a fair few times due to cars whizzing past and the slight gust of wind every now and them, but I still managed to keep it on all day. Sorry about the lack of photos by the way, but considering how it was a day out I don't always get time to get all the pictures I want as I like to just enjoy my day out and not always be on my phone.

How awesome is this crochet top though?! Three freaking pounds from Primark!! £3!! Wanted a top of this style for a while and now I've finally got one! Serious festival vibes. On the subject of festivals, I've already shot my outfit for a festival in Coventry called Godiva Festival that ended yesterday which, apart from a few awful moments due to drunk people and british weather, it was a good weekend. Expect to see crochet lace, fedora's crystals, flatforms...the lot. Very exciting and hopefully inspiring outfits coming this way...

If you have me on snapchat (isobelceline) you would of seen a few weeks ago I spent the day over in Stratford wondering around the marketplace and sipping tea by the riverside. It really was a lovely place to be. For those of you that have never been to Stratford, it is a great tourist attraction for everyone. It is the home of William Shakespeare and is full of historic buildings, people dressed as statues standing or sitting extremely still until someone walks past and then they jump out at them...I laugh every time hehehee...

There's boats you can hire out to row along the river with, along with a lovely little cafe along side the riverside right opposite the Royal Shakespeare Company - a company dedicated to William Shakespeare's work. Even though I'm not a fan of history, I think it's actually growing on me...? I realised I've been to a fair few historic places recently...okay...maybe I do like history?

If you want a lovely day out, I definitely recommend this place. Especially for the kids during the summer holidays. They have all sorts of events going on all year round, all different kind of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes. You name it. they've got it. Except the massive shops like Primark, Zara, Forever 21 etc. There is New Look, Accessorize and Laura Ashley though! Let me know if you've ever been or plan to go. Love to hear your opinion on the place too!

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