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Monday 11 April 2016

Beauty | Sleek Make Up Highlighting Palette Review

Sleek Make Up Highlighting Palette

I've been wanting to try Sleek Make Up's range since it first came out, but as I wasn't such a make up addict at the time, I didn't bother to try the brand out. What actually made me want to try this was because I seen this in the beauty section of the Tesco Magazine - yes, I'm deadly serious. They have some good tips and recipes in that free mag!

Anyway, it was under a section of beauty products that were under £10, and of course this palette was within this section of the article. What drawn me to it was how beautiful the colour of the highlights were. Also to the fact of how pretty the packaging looked. Packaging is of course a big eye catcher for some people, so if the packaging looks good, I'm instantly drawn to it. The magazine also stated that this highlighting palette was for all skin tones, and for me being so pale, I had to try this out for myself to see what it would actually look like on my skin tone, and this is where the review comes in. Scroll down to read about what I thought about it.

Sleek Make Up Highlighting Palette
Sleek Make Up Highlighting PaletteSleek Make Up Highlighting Palette

As I said above, the packaging is what drawn me to it the most as well as the shade of the highlights. As you can see from the pictures, it comes with a pretty large mirror and a small brush. I haven't used this brush as I tend to use the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush and the Contour Brush with this palette for different areas of where I apply each shade. I'll explain in more detail down below.

Sleek Make Up Highlighting Palette

The box that the palette comes in, gives you guidelines as to where to apply each different highlight. Going from top left - right, then bottom left to right, the first shade, Ecliptic, you can use to lift the brows with a highlight across the brow bone. Now this is my favourite area to highlight as well as my cheekbones. As this shade is very creamy and the colour is such a lovely shimmery shade on the brow bone, I use the Real Techniques Pointed Foundations Brush at an angle to sweep across the brow bone. I feel this is the perfect brush to use for this technique, due to the shape of the brush. it glides on perfectly. Also, if I need to, I slightly smudge the highlight with my finger just in case there is brush marks showing.

Sleek Make Up Highlighting Palette

The next shade, Hemisphere, is my absolute favourite highlight of the whole palette, because of the shade and the beautiful shine it gives to my cheekbones. I sweep this shade across my cheekbones using the Real Techniques Contour Brush. This shade is so beautiful! If you buy this palette and try it out, you'll see what I mean, especially in good lighting! The texture of Hemisphere does feel slightly chalky when you swatch it, but it does not feel like that on the skin, honestly. It also has a beautiful marble effect to it - BONUS!

Sleek Make Up Highlighting Palette

The shade Subsolar, is the shade you apply down the bridge of your nose. I like to use a lip brush as mad as that sounds for this part, as it is the perfect size for this. Once applied to my nose, I tend blend it in using my finger. This shade is rather like a powder highlight, but it is not as pigmented as Hemisphere when you swatch it.

The finally shade, Equinox, if just like Hemisphere, but in a orange shade which you apply to your cupids bow. Again, I tend to use a lip brush for this. Equinox is basically the same texture and feel as Hemisphere except it's an orange tone and also has the same amount of pigmentation but is perfectly blendable.

Overall, there is only one creamy shade, Ecliptic, which is lovely to blend, as well as the other shades, they blend beautifully as well. This is definitely a palette I would recommend if you love to use a highlight within your make-up routine. For £9.99, it's not a bad buy. I don't normally spend that much on one make-up product, but it was well spent £9.99 for sure! It's also very lightweight, so it'd be perfect for keeping in your handbag, or when travelling. Definitely the perfect new addition to my make up drawers!

Have you tried this palette? What's your favourite highlighter to use?


  1. This is a lovely palette and I saw Jaclyn Hill mention it! I think I need to pick it up!

    Lucy |

  2. I would love to try this highlighting palette, each shade looks so beautiful! I'll definitely have to check out Sleek's beauty range :).

    I hope that you have a nice week lovely :) El xxx

  3. Beautiful product, shades look stunning :)

  4. Nice Products. Lovely shades.