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Thursday 6 October 2016

Advice | 5 Things To Keep You Occupied While Travelling

Diano Marina

This all depends on how you are travelling to your destination, as some people prefer listening to music rather than reading a book as they suffer from travel/motion sickness. This is something I suffered with for years, but rarely get it anymore. One or two of my friends suffer with it too, so it can be quite common in people.

Diano Marina

1. Listening to music

Travelling while listening to music is where I wish I could always stay as I stress out and put a lot of pressure on myself because I want to get so many things done at once and always look at the clock thinking how much time is left for things, no matter what I'm doing, I always clock watch but for some reason, when I'm travelling everything I feel pressured and stressed about just stops when I'm just relaxing in the car, coach, train or plane and looking out the window at the scenery. It's basically my peaceful place. For people that suffer from anxiety like me, you will hopefully benefit from something like this when your travelling.

Diano Marina

2. Read something

Whether this be a book, magazine, leaflet or even a blog post on your phone. Reading is a good way of keeping your brain active and further your vocabulary and English skills. Okay, I must of sounded like a teacher then, but you know it's true! This is something I didn't do a lot of when I was at school. I wish I read more books when I was younger now though. Oh the things I wish I could go back and tell my younger self...but I wouldn't of learnt what I know today without my past. Anyway, back onto the subject of reading, if you don't suffer from travel/motion sickness, this would be perfect to keep you occupied while travelling. 

Diano Marina

3. Write about something

During my long two day coach trip to Italy, then another two days travelling on the way back, this is something I did for a good 2-4 hours. Yup, I was actually that bored. But I weren't really bored, as I really enjoyed the journey through France and Italy as it was something I'd never seen before. I wrote about my holiday for about 6 blog posts so I just had to type it up and just edit the pictures when I got back home. I love writing and find any excuse I can to write. It's funny though as I used to hate English lessons at school, but now I love writing!

Diano Marina

4. Play a game on your phone/tablet/Nintendo

This is a good time killer, especially if your a Candy Crush or Fruit Ninja addict, playing games is something I rarely do unless I have literally nothing else to do. I used to love playing Mario Kart, Nintendogs, Cooking Mama, Fruit Ninja etc. Who used to love playing all the old apps, like Flappy Bird, Club Penguin on the computer?

5. Use the time wisely

As I have a very busy life and struggle with time a lot with fitting in everything I want to do each day, I try and get work done within my spare time of travelling, whether it's catching up with emails, thinking of new ideas by brainstorming, sharing my blog URL is the main ones for me. I do this on a daily basis, you don't realize how many times a day I share it sometimes, but I'm so committed to my blog, I'll do it. Catching up with my favorite blogs or finding new ones is another thing I do when travelling. If it's a really long journey that's more than 4 hours, I'll get to writing new content.

By the way guys, I am off to Ibiza for a week so I am cutting the content back for a week, as I want to relax and become re-inspired while on holiday and get some proper relaxation happening. As I've been through a lot of stress, anxiety and other things lately. so I am taking an actual break this time. But I'll still be snapping pictures on my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (which you can find all the links to below) so you can see what I'm up to while I'm there. As well as new content that I'll be making when I'm back home.

What's your favourite thing to do whilst travelling?


  1. Nice tricks, I have always problem with this!

  2. I think reading is the best thing when travelling!

  3. I always make sure I am prepared with a few different options to keep me busy while traveling. From a movie, to podcasts, reading, etc. Thanks for the tips.


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