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Monday 21 November 2016

Beauty | Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails Review

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Another beauty product I haven't tried out yet - gel nails. I've always liked the look of gel nails, with the beautiful shine they give off as well as how stylish and fresh they always look.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Now, with false nails, I normally only apply ones from Primark, because I love the style and designs they always have in, plus the prices are amazingly cheap. But the only down side to glue on nails is how damaging they can be towards my nails afterwards. They become very flimsy and break easily, as well as damaged quite badly from the glue. What I found out from these Gel Fantasy Nails, is that they come with adhesive tabs and glue, so you can choose what method to take and what way you prefer applying these nails. I love the fact you have a choice on how you can apply them.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

The adhesive tabs are numbered to different sizes so that it's easier to match them. Plus you get 2 lots within the pack, even though there's only 24 nails - handy right?!

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

The overall designs are stunning. I wore the coral sparkly set of nails to Ibiza and none of them came off until I pulled them off the day before I left. The only down side was, whenever I put my fingers through my hair, a strand or two would get stuck underneath the nail, so be aware of this! I think that may have been a case of me not pressing the nails down enough, but you never know!

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

I loved wearing these nails though whilst I was away, and was so glad I didn't have to carry a tube of glue around with me everywhere! I'd definitely recommend these nails if you are looking to not damage your nails as much and want a salon worthy manicure on your nails for a fraction of the price! I've already got a set to give to one of my friends for Christmas! Also good for stocking fillers!

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails
*Gel Fantasy Nails - Kiss

Have you tried gel nails or adhesive tab nails before?

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