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Monday 2 January 2017

Lifestyle | Things I'd Like To Change About Myself & Do In 2017

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Happy New Year!

For 2016 I did a new year goals post here, about basically what I wanted to achieve throughout the year. Which, looking back at it, apart from learning to drive and the bloggers picnic, I've achieved everything else I wanted to and made myself so strong and confident throughout the year. Met some amazing people and got back together with the most important and most special man in my life. I appreciate so many opportunities I've been given within this past year, even though it's been and up and down year, the happy times overrule the sad times, as this year, 2016, has truly been one of the best years of my life so far...This time, I want to focus on the changes I want to make about myself and to have an even better year than 2016, even though I've achieved so much, that doesn't make me want to stop there!

Over the past year of 2016, I've realised things now that everything has slowed down. I focused so much on keeping myself busy, blogging, travelling, planning etc. That I didn't realise the things I've been missing and taking for granted.

Kenilworth Castle Firework Display

1. Spend more quality time with loved ones

This is something I shy away from a lot, as I feel awkward sometimes around family members, as I tend to isolate myself from people a lot. I feel people may think I;m being rude or not bothering to contribute to a conversation, but it's only because I need to get to know them better, as I rarely get to see the majority of my family. So this is a top priority for the year ahead.

2. Think before I speak

Over this year, I've noticed that I just say what is in my head, that being the truth about things, but I say them how it is instead of saying it in a nicer way. I just feel I need to think what I say might affect that person so I need to word it in a different and kinder way.

3. Use what I already have

I hardly ever buy clothes or shoes or even accessories anymore as I've realised to use what I already have and improvise. As every time I do a clear out, I get rid of things I've hardly worn! So I'm determined to get more use out of my clothes and all other things from now on!

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4. Put more commitment into my blog & YouTube & stay organised with it

Not that I don't already, but my YouTube has seen better days seeing as I upload randomly and not on a schedule as I rarely get time to film and prefer to vlog things. Having a blog is a huge commitment as most of you bloggers reading this will know, as well as youtubers. I put in SO much time and effort into my blog and content, but I feel I could do better and take it to the next level some how, organise it better and be ahead of the game. Whether this be, working with new photographers, bringing in even more personality by adding in a cosplay section to my blog and even a couples ootd fashion posts, or even new beauty reviews, as I rarely do these as I love my fashion more than beauty, but who knows what the new year could bring us!

5. Experiment more

Whether this be within make up, hairstyles, personal style, food, places. Anything! I want to try what ever life throws at me!

6. Grow stronger as a person

People tell me I'm a strong person in my mind, maybe I am in certain situations, but not in all, so I feel the need to grow even stronger and not let stupid things put me down and get back up again and brush it off without it affecting me.

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7. Passing my theory test

One of my goals for 2016 was learn to drive, yes I started to do this near the start of the year, but I've slowly began to not want to do it, due to my confidence behind the wheel bringing my anxiety back. If I feel anxious during the lesson, the whole lesson will go to pot and I'll feel terrible and be scared of doing something wrong for the whole hour. Anyway, I've been learning to drive for a fair few months but recently stopped my lessons, as each time I got in the car, I was even more anxious than the last, so I decided to stop and go back to driving when I'm ready and when I've learnt more about being on the road and about the highway code, then I'll get back on driving towards my practical test.

8. Be more creative

Whether this be with planning holidays, days out, DIY'S, saving money. Anything at all. I really want to be more creative in life and be even prouder of what I have achieved.

9. Plan a Blogger Picnic

I mentioned this to a fair few bloggers when I was at The Bloggers Hub event back in October. It'd be a massive bloggers picnic in maybe Hyde Park? Where all you have to bring is one choice of food or drink or even both if you like. If your interested in coming, please email me at and put The Bloggers Picnic in the subject so I can give you all the details once it is all sorted and organised!

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10. Read more books and materials

I have gathered a fair few books lately that I really want to get through. I want to set myself a goal of at least reading one book or even two a month! As I love it but I don't get enough time! Here's to 2017 and what it has to offer!

What are your goals, principles, things you'd like to do or change about yourself for the new year?

Thanks so much for reading and sticking with my blog over 2016! If your new to Fashionsita Chic, then hey! Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back again to see what's going on in my next post! I love you all so much for the kind words, support and thoughts!


  1. Great post and great resolutions ! I want to put more commitment into my blog too this year :)

    Happy New Years !

  2. Isobel, I really loved these New Years resolutions! There's so much thought and love put into them.

    I wish you all the best luck at achieving all those goals. Especially learning to drive because I was exactly the same until I tried an Automatic car. I love driving now!


    1. I think I would prefer an automatic car, but I really want to grasp learning in manual just in case I can't get my hands on an automatic. Thanks so much for reading it lovely!x

  3. You have such great resolutions for this year! I would definitely love to be more creative this year as well and just more adventurous in general! Also HELL YES to the Blogger Picnic! Best of luck this year lovely x


    1. Thanks so much Alina! Definitely going to go ahead with the bloggers picnic!x

  4. Points 1 and 6 are ones which I can really relate to. This will be our year to get these done :)


  5. All of this sounds amazing, good luck! Generally the picnic idea sounds great and I hope you feel less anxious :)
    Hope you are having a great weekend! Xx

  6. Yes , new year & a new begining , wishing u a great year ahead

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