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Thursday 30 March 2017

Advice | 5 Ways To Be More Productive


Lately, I've been trying to be productive as possible and keep my health in tack to keep me motivated to keep being productive.


Taking breaks

As I sit at my desk a lot when I'm blogging for a day or in the evening, and rarely take a break in between working, away from a screen, I've started to take a break by making a hot chocolate or grabbing a few snacks, as I have to eat quite a lot due to my metabolism being so fast - so fast my body has a metabolism of a 12 year old. I also like to drink plenty of fluids whilst working to keep me focused and hydrated. It also gives me a break to get up and go get a drink which still keeps me being productive when I get back to working on whatever it is I'm working on.

Drinking more fluids

I absolutely hate drinking plain water, so adding in a lemon or flavoured squash to it really helps me to drink more of it. Also it helps me to be less tired when I drink more and keeps me motivated whilst working. I always feel better physically and mentally when I've had plenty of fluids throughout the day.


Having a good nights sleep

I've realised that when I have 9 & a half hours sleep at night, I feel at my best. I'm trying to go to bed at half nine as I get up at 6 some days for work, so I am feeling fresh and energized for the day ahead. I also turn all gadgets off half an hour before I go to sleep and read a book to help me become more sleepy.


Write a list

Writing lists are one of my favourite things to do. Especially for things to do, things I need or scheduling blog posts. I just love planning things well in advanced as it also keeps me motivated and feeling productive. I can't tell you about how many lists I have of separate things, including a birthday wishlist, to do list of random things, daily to do list, bucket list, video ideas, blog post ideas, literally so many! Always good to keep track of things though, as without these lists I'd probably forget so much!


Have an inspiring work space

If you saw on my Snapchat (isobelceline), a while ago that I brought some fairy lights in copper, and a light box for my desk. These small objects just give me that mindset to stay inspired and focused, it's just my little area for me, to get shit done basically! It's such a nice thing to have an area for yourself to stay productive, as certain spaces I feel productive in, and others I just don't as they didn't give off that certain vibe.


How do you keep being productive? Do you have any different tips that are different to the ones I use? Leave them below in the comments so I can see if any new ones will work for me or others! Hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!



  1. Great tips! I think having an inspiring work place is so important! I like to have a clutter free place to be able to think and create!