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Monday 3 July 2017

Beauty | Exuviance Skincare Review

Exuviance Skincare

Never heard of this brand before? Neither had I until BlogConLDN happened...

Exuviance Skincare

This  Bionic Oxygen Facial mask is such an unusual product and a complete game changer! It's like it opens your pores to absorb more oxygen into your face! When I first tried this, I put a few pumps into my fingers and rubbed the product all over my face and literally sat staring at it in the mirror for the 5 minutes it's recommended to stay on your face for, and it's SO weird and satisfying! It literally fizzes up on your skin and tickles! It's so weird but I love it! I swear you guys, you need to try this as it's so good! It leaves my skin nice and smooth too! Game changer here!

Exuviance Skincare

I've literally finished this product now, as I use it pretty much every time I get in the shower (every 2-3 days), so this product has been really put to the test over the last few months! It's quite a smooth exfoliating product, that leaves, especially my legs, super smooth and extra shiny when I add body lotion! It's got these little beads in the formula that's supposed to be good for your skin too! It's a lot less tough on your skin than say, the Soap and Glory scrubs which I used as well when I weren't using this product.

Exuviance Skincare
Exuviance Skincare

I use this EVERY single day and night! It definitely helps to hydrate my under eyes and seem to have completely stopped my skin from getting those dry patches on my eye lids now - THANK GOD. I won't go a morning or evening without applying this product and it's a firm favourite of part of my morning and night skincare routine. I wouldn't say it helps your dark circles that much, but it slightly helps with the brightening part. I'd like to try more eye creams, especially by Olay and Kheils!

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  1. I love finding out about new skincare lines. This one sounds amazing, thanks for sharing!
    Blame it on Barneys

  2. Glad that you use the product everyday! It must be very good then!