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Thursday 24 August 2017

Beauty | Current Beauty Favourites

Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
Modern Renaissance Palette | L'oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

I rarely talk about beauty products on here, so it's about time I did!
The L'oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara is a firm favourite of mine at the moment, apart from it becoming slightly sticky in the heat, it gives me beautiful full and voluminous lashes that last all day and night! Not to mention it's waterproof formula that literally will not budge!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette I've actually been using quite a lot since Reiss kindly bought it for me for Christmas last year. My favourite shades are the dark and vibrant pinks! I've found a firm favourite eye look that I always create using this palette. I honestly want to buy so many of the Anastasia products - especially the highlighter palette! It look so dreamy and major unicorn vibes!

Kiko Smart Lipsticks
Carmex Lip Balm
Kiko Smart Lipsticks | Carmex Lip Balm

Kiko are my absolute favourites for lipsticks! Okay, they don't last too long, but the colours in their collection are beautiful! I at least own 10 or more of their SMART lipsticks range. The pink and nude shades are my favourites if you can't already tell by how much they've been used.

This is my 3rd Carmex lip balm! I use this lip balm ALL the time! I've used them all till there's no reachable in the tube anymore! They just really help my dry lips and keep them hydrated and smooth!

Topshop Glow Liquid Highlighter
Topshop Liquid Highlighter in Misty

I've only ever used powder highlights, so when I spotted how amazing this Topshop highlighter was, for around £12 and it's a liquid highlighter, so I feel it's easier to work with, it was a no brainer for me to buy it! Especially when the Iconic London liquid highlighters are prices at around £30-£35! Definitely a £12 worth spending as it does not disappoint with it's beautiful natural glow when applied - best blended with a beauty blender!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser

I am obsessed with this Clinique moisturiser! I first bought it in duty free last February when I was coming back from Iceland, and I've just finished my 50ml pot! Over a year later and it's still leaving my skin beautiful, hydrated, smooth and glowing! Okay, so £30 for a moisturiser is a lot, but when its benefits are so dramatically different (see what I did there?), it's SO worth the money! Especially for how long it lasts. I've recently bought this new bottle, which I got from look fantastic with a free Clinique mask - BONUS!

Glam Glow
Glam Glow Gravity Mud Mask

Glam Glow are KILLING it right now! I bought this purple pot in duty free on the ferry home from Austria and use it 1-2 times a week depending on the occasion, and OMG! The glow you get from this fabulous product is INSANE! I'm buying the other pots on the ferry when I come back from Disneyland Paris for sure! I've even got them all saved in my wishlist on look fantastic for when I run out - definitely try them! They aren't cheap, but totally worth it for how amazing they make your skin look - #glowinggoddess! 

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sun Lotion
Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion

Throughout these random and certainly hot heatwaves we've been experiencing here in the UK, Hawaiian Tropic has been my saviour from the sun rays. The fact that it smells divine with some kind of coconut/vanilla scent. The face sun lotion helps me tan rather than burn too. This body one really helps prevent my shoulders from burning as they're my weak spot when it comes to the hot sun. Definitely recommend Hawaiian Tropic for those hot days in the UK as well as abroad!

What are your current beauty favourites?


  1. I've been wanting to try the Modern Renaissance palette! I love pink toned colours. My most recent beauty favourite has been the Tarte pro to go and Tarte pro to glow palettes!

    1. Ooo I haven't tried any of the Tarte products before but would love to try them out!