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Monday 11 September 2017

Lifestyle | What Happened In August

Disneyland Paris

August started off a bit emotionally, as you know, being a girl is hard when trying to stay strong and not go into an emotional breakdown, but anyway, let's stay positive here and see how August actually went.

At the start of the month it was 2 of my best friends 21st birthday's, so they had a few nice gifts from me, including a photo album filled with pictures of different memories of us all. Cute right? To celebrate, we were going to head up to Skegness for the day, but our designated driver couldn't take us due to work hours. So instead we decided to go bowling and for a nice meal. We went to a really retro themed, old school bowling alley where I came third unfortunately, but it was good fun, especially in the arcade on (my favourite) the dance machine! We then had a nice meal over at the Beef Eater pub. You can watch that vlog here actually! Me and Stacie finally had a sleepover (big kids at 20/21 I know, but who cares?!) and had a fun day baking chocolate cupcakes and walking down the canal to feed the ducks.

I also spent some quality time with my Dad, learning about different things in the countryside. We went blackberry and elderberry picking and made it into cordial (squash), using a recipe off Pinterest here. I also did a fair bit of baking and cooking too. I made a homemade apple and blackberry crumble, which was AMAZING! (My fave pudding ever!) I also did a delicious honey and garlic chicken slow cooker meal which was SO good! you can find the recipe here. We also found a load of mushrooms by the canal side and learnt which ones you can eat and which ones are fungi, which of course you can't eat. I also didn't know that a fruit called sloane's were used to make gin either! you learn something new everyday!

I also went to Disneyland Paris with 3 of my best friends, which of course I vlogged! You can find that on my YouTube Channel when it's live!

The month was ended with a day trip to Brighton with my friend Chelsey, which of course, I vlogged again! Keep checking out my channel to see when that was published. August had a lot more involved, good and bad, but life goes on and I'm determined to carry on and live life the best I can.

Thank you for reading and that concludes what happened in August! What happened during your month?

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