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Monday 13 November 2017

Lifestyle | What Happened In October


October kicked off with seeing Basshunter! What a way to start the month! It was brilliant! If you follow me on Instagram (@isobelceline), you would of seen how much the Kasbah got turned into a rave for the night! I also manage to fit in a fair few shopping sprees this months with different friends and with Reiss, all on seperate occasions, so clearly my bank balance is screaming for help right now hahaa! But it's not all bad as I bought the majority of my Christmas presents for everyone already - organised or what?! I'm actually getting quite excited for all the Christmas festivities now that Halloween is out the way!

Speaking of Halloween, I've never celebrated it so much before! I went to a pumpkin farm with my Dad, carved pumpkins with Reiss, decorated the house in Pumpkins and attended a house party on Halloween! I also went to Bicester Village on the day of Halloween with a couple of friends and hurt my bank account again, but not to the point where I splurged on Gucci or Prada or anything - girls got save up for that shit! I just bought a couple of bits from a cosmetics shop, Calvin Klein and a Christmas present from Cath Kidson. So not a lot really. But they've got loads more shops open there now too so definitely go and have a shopping spree yourself there!

I also spent a lot of time with family during October which was really nice and I appreciated the time I spent with everyone of them! I went out for the day with my Dad which is in my vlog I linked above, a meal out with my Mum and Step Dad, then also went up to the coast to see my Grandparents which was lovely!

I also went up to Scotland for the weekend with Reiss. The day before though, we were supposed to go to Brick Live, but Reiss wasn't feeling too good so we didn't go in the end. We headed up to Scotland the next day and Reiss got worse during our stay the poor thing. I ended up looking after him the whole time. We got to see around Dunoon, but didn't get to see the places we planned on seeing. I have to shout out the lovely people who helped us and were so kind and lovely during our stay at the Selbourne Hotel! I would definitely recommend staying there! Lovely location, good food, good service, lovely people, beautiful views, very clean and great facilities! Will definitely be going back there at some point!

That sums up what happened in October! See you next month for Fireworks, meals out and trampolining!


  1. My dream is to go to a pumpkin farm! I don't know where they are up north.
    Sounds like a good month :)

  2. What an adventurous month you had :) Great vlog too

  3. Aw that's great to hear you spent some good quality family time last month xxx