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Monday 4 December 2017

Lifestyle | What Happened In November - The Month My Life Changed

Isobel Celine

I can't believe I've kept this series up for almost an entire year now! I've got to say, it wasn't as good as 2016, but hopefully 2018 will be better? We'll have to wait and see. Let's stick to what's been happening in November first.

So first of all, it started with Bonfire night. Myself and my best friend Jodie went into Kenilworth for something to eat before hand. We were hoping to get an Italian at Zizzi's before hand, but they were reservations only. So we trekked around the town centre - in the rain - heading into loads of different food places to be told that they were fully booked or it was too busy. We were also told this by our last resort restaurant at the Almanack, but once I said everywhere was saying that, they were kind enough to find us a table for 2 thankfully! We'd never been in the Almanack before, but would definitely visit again! The staff there were so lovely, the food was good, the interior was nice. It was just such a nice place to be in. After filling up on burgers and chips, we stuck our wellies on and headed to the Kenilworth Castle Bonfire/Fireworks Display. It was £10 a ticket - was £7 last year - but the money goes to charity so it's not all bad.

That same night, we went for a night out as it'd been a while since we last went out - only a month but you know! It was honestly such a good night and so hilarious!

The next thing that happened in November was Reiss' Birthday. We headed out for brunch at Valarie's Patisserie. We both ordered the pancakes - Reiss had bacon with his and I had banana and blueberries - so so good. I also had a strawberry breeze smoothie - filled with bananas and strawberries - AMAZING!! Definitely will be heading to Valarie's again at some point. Afterwards we went to watch Thor: Ragnarok, which was so good, action packed and hilarious! The first 30 minutes was a bit fast with all the scenes, but overall I'd rate it an 8/10 - definitely go and see it if you're a Marvel fan! We headed to this new gaming arcade (Resorts World we spent the day at), and had so much fun on all the different games machines winning tickets and storing them on our new Vortex gaming cards. Definitely check it out if you ever spot a Vortex Gaming place!

I wrote those last pieces in the first 2 weeks of November...My life soon changed drastically in a week. I split up with Reiss, got a new job, quit my old childcare job and now work in Admin. I lost a whole stone of weight during that week, which is not ideal as I've always been underweight so I've been pretty run down. But, nothing stops me from being positive and being strong. I push through the hard times and make them better. I may have had a drastic change within one week, but I don't regret anything that happened, as everything is a learning curve and everything happens for a reason. This time, it's a reason for me to enter a new chapter in life and do what's best for me. I've booked a driving lesson and my theory test, as next year, my goal is to pass my test and get a car. I want that freedom for myself and to have that extra step into independence. I'm very independent for my age, but I want to take that one step further. So November has been a very shocking month for me! But I appreciate every opportunity I'm given in life and grab it while it's there.

Always tell yourself, if not now, when? No one else can push you in life but yourself, so PUSH YOURSELF to get where you want in life, as no one can do it for you! Go out there and be that GIRL BOSS in life!

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