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Monday 12 March 2018

Beauty | Eye Wake Collagen Gel Review

Eye Wake Collagen Gel Review

As of the last few months, I've tried many different types of skincare products, I am still in the process of that to find something that really sticks in my daily routine. This Eye Wake collagen gel for under and around your eyes has been my latest test over the past few weeks...

Eye Wake Collagen Gel Review

During the first time using this gel, I found it rather cooling for my eyes and helped smooth over the tired bags under my eyes. My main focus on the care for the skin around my eyes and bags, is to hydrate them and make the skin brighter, this is something this product didn't do. Okay, it's a collagen gel which does help your skin in some ways, but this product isn't something I would repurchase due to the fact it's not something I need in my routine. It's more for people that want to get more collagen into their skincare routines. This product is good for that side of things, but I'm more for looking for a product that hydrates the skin and brightens my eye area up. I would recommend this product if your looking to add collagen more to your skincare routine, but not if you want to help your tired eyes, dry skin or brightening your eye area.

Eye Wake Collagen Gel Review

As for the packaging, it's nice and simple, easy pump action to use and there's a fair bit of product in the bottle to keep you going for ages. This product in all honesty just isn't for me, but hey, if your looking for a products that has collagen in it for your eyes, it's definitely something you should try. It's more a product for those that want to get rid of wrinkles, add some Vitamin E or help reduce puffy eyes.

*EyeWake Unique Formula Collagen Gel

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  1. This looks like it might be something that would suit fitting in my skincare routine! Shame it wasn't what you needed. Thanks for the review

  2. Would love to try this for my best friend - my eyebags lol! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!