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Thursday 5 April 2018

Travel | FarGo Village Coventry

Fargo Village Coventry

Something I don't mention a lot is the city I live in, Coventry. I've lived here my whole life so far, and I've not yet written a blog post about it properly. So I thought it's about time I wrote about it. There will be a lot more ideas and blog posts coming your way from reviews on the best places to eat, things to do etc. So watch this space.

FarGo Village Coventry
FarGo Village Coventry

Moving onto the original subject here being FarGo Village in Coventry, based on Far Gosford Street. I rarely go to this part of Coventry as I generally forget its there! But it's such a little gem to the city! It has a little, well not that little, building near the back, where you can find all sorts of quirky shops, from the likes of; a little bookshop you can go and chill in, bohemian shop, vintage stalls, comic book shop, abstract designs shop and so much more! There's also some little shops down the side as well that have unique things inside. My favourites are, the bath bomb shop and the cute little florist!

FarGo Village Coventry
FarGo Village Coventry

If your looking for a bite to eat there, there's a Carribean style restaurant, little cafe that sells sweet treats including macaroons - my faves!! There's also a little shop where you can get a bubble waffle and drinks called Bubble Boa! I've not yet tried anything from there, but I plan to at some point!

FarGo Village Coventry
FarGo Village Coventry

There's also some cool events going down there most weekends. Me and Adam went down on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon and there was a sort of live lounge going on which was quite good to watch, with different sofas and seats to sit on. There was also a vintage fair going on too. There's comedy nights also on a Tuesday in the Backhaus & co cafe bar! Which I will definitely be going to soon! There's also some cool upcoming events that I've listed below:
  • Fargo Vegan Festival - Saturday 14th April 11am - 6pm & Sunday 15th April 11am - 4pm
  • Farmers at Fargo - Saturday 28th April 11am - 5pm
  • The Village Fete - Saturday 5th May 11am - 6pm
  • Fargo's Urban Jungle - Saturday 12th May 11am - 6pm & Sunday 13th May 11am - 4pm
  • Farmers at Fargo - Saturday 19th May 11am - 5pm
There's also some other cool things going on like the open garage sessions by Coventry Motofest and pop bang colour. he next time and date it's on is:
  • Saturday April 7th & Saturday May 5th 10:30am - 3:30pm
Another cool event happening is Fargo StrEat, which is on the last Friday of every month!
  • Friday 27th April 6pm - 11pm they've got Pizza Piazza & great entertainment!
  • Friday 25th May 6pm - 11pm they've got Indian Takeaway happening!
I'd definitely be going to the Indian Takeaway night if I wasn't going to be on holiday! As Indian food is my absolute favourite next to Italian food!

FarGo Village Coventry
FarGo Village Coventry
FarGo Village Coventry

If you want to know more, then head to I'll definitely be heading to more of these events! It's such a cool place to just chill out and also good for Instagram with all the graffiti about!

Have you ever been to Fargo Village?

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  1. Ah i've never heard of this part of Coventry - its sounds so quirky! I must check it out next time I am over Cov way!