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Thursday 21 June 2018

Food | Jam Jar Coventry

Jam Jar Coventry

Let's talk ice cream. Fun topic right? All the different things you can create with ice cream, and what a variety of a menu Jam Jar Coventry has! I've been to this ice cream parlour a couple of times now, so I feel a review needs to be created. Continue reading if you want to start drooling over delicious desserts...

Jam Jar Coventry


As for the menu, they have a very large selection of different desserts, from ice cream sundaes to waffles, massive smoothie drinks to a small tub of gelato ice cream. As much as the desserts were delish, the menu itself was lacking cleanliness. The menu definitely needs an update as the pages were falling apart as we were flicking through. Cleanliness is a massive thing no matter where I go, so a clean menu is a big thing to look for when I'm eating out. Who wants stick hands after picking the menu up? You want to choose what you eat before you stick your hands into someone else's leftovers. Other than that, they have a great variety of desserts.

Jam Jar Coventry


Now interior is another attraction that makes me go into somewhere. Jam Jar Coventry has a very American Retro Diner feel to the place, but it's kind of dull at the same time, okay caged shelves of Nutella is quite quirky, but when there's just seats and tables and nothing that goes WOW LOOK AT ME in the decor, it's not so impressive. It's very standard and basic and definitely needs a make over or even a few quirky lights, pictures or anything to give it more colour or attraction.

Jam Jar Coventry

Customer Service

The only annoying thing about this was you couldn't pay by card or contactless, and in this day and age, pretty much everyone with a smart phone is preferring to pay by contactless lately so never carry cash around, okay it helps that there is a cash machine outside, but when you just want to chill and have no faffing around, this can be an annoying thing to happen, so make sure you have cash on you when you go. This may just be a thing that they had when they first opened and could be different now, but take cash with you if you visit here regardless. The desserts were made quite quickly and the service I would say was 50/50 with staff as you get with most places these days really. Some people are lovely to you, the others might be having a bad day or stressed. 

Jam Jar Coventry


As for the food, I couldn't fault it. I had a Strawberry Shortcake Sundae and it was DELISH! I also had a Mixed berries smoothie which was also LUSH! The prices weren't too bad either. It was all freshly made in front of you and it was honestly lovely food and I would definitely go back there again for the food. But if you have a Strawberry Shortcake sundae like me, try to get to the digestive biscuits first at the bottom or they go soggy hahaa!

My overall thoughts on my place was it needed an update, but the food was delicious. Definitely check it out if your in the Coventry City Centre area any time soon - especially over the summer period!

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