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Monday 22 October 2018

Lifestyle | What Happened In August

Summer In The City

August? Yes, I'm that far behind with posts the fact that I'm posting this in October...Summer please come back even though Autumn I love you! So, let's see what happened in August!

August started off with a jump session at Red Kangeroo with Adam, as we were invited down to review the new trampoline park that opened up in Coventry. It was fun but would of been better if they allocated things for adults too as I've been to Rush in Birmingham and it's perfect and big enough for all ages! Anyway, there's a vlog of our time there here - it's rather amusing in some parts as I fall off and fall over things in the video...

Myself and Stacie head down to Summer In The City during the month of August and honestly had so much fun! We met the likes of SopDoesNails and Imogenation. We also saw loads of YouTubers whilst we were there as well! At first we didn't know what to think of it but we honestly really enjoyed the day after it all! You can buy discounted things whilst your there and pick up loads of cool goodies! Watch the fun in this video here!

Not too long after our fun at Summer In The City, a few days later I had my Driving Test and passed!! I kept it a secret from everyone apart from Adam and Stacie ALL day, bearing in mind I went for a Spa day with my Mum at Bosworth Hall and had a lovely back massage and afternoon tea with her and tried so hard to keep it a secret until I got home as I wanted to tell my Mum and Dad together that I passed my test! As I rarely get my parents together in one room (separated as I was child, wouldn't have it any other way!) I wanted that moment where I could tell them together and honestly they were both so proud and my dad cried with happiness he was that proud of me! So it was so lovely to be able to tell them together! You can watch my vlog here of what Adam did for me when we through a party for Passing My Driving Test here

I also had the opportunity to go to The Body Shop event in Coventry with the Coventry Bloggers and honestly had a lot of fun in there with making do of what they had prop wise in store and creating a little flat lay work shop and just being overall creative! Met some lovely girls whilst we were there too! This was the day of my party also, so I couldn't stay long due to getting back for that! The same weekend me and Adam went to Charlcote Park which was such a cute day out where we saw baby deer's - baby Bambi's in my eyes! It was such a cute day out as well as grabbing some bargains at Wellsbourne Market before hand!

Thinking back, I actually did quite a lot in August! Myself and Adam also went to Stratford-Upon-Avon and hired out a boat which was so fun, but we went down this shallow part which we shouldn't have and I was so scared that the boat was going to get stuck! Thankfully Adam and his boat driving skills came in handy and got us out of there! We went quite far down the river and saw this beautiful massive house that used to belong to a celebrity! I wish that one day I have a house like that!

That pretty much concludes what happened in August! How did your summer go? Are you excited for Autumn/Winter?

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  1. Aww it looks like you had loads of fun! :D I can't believe August is almost 3 months ago. :O

  2. August was so fun! So nice to see you at the body shop event and well done again on passing your driving test, even though i've been in the car with you many times, excellent driver! aha

  3. August was definitely a busy month, looked like you had so much fun though!


  4. Sounds like you had an amazing August, especially with all of those events happening! Congrats again on passing your test.

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee