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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Beauty | Missguided Perfume Review

Missguided perfume

Perfumes and different scents I've been really investing in lately. Especially within the Misguided range.

I have the Missguided body mist collection . Missguided have not only stepped up their game within the fashion industry, but within the fragrance section too, and I am in LOVE with their handbag friendly size perfumes! I was kindly sent out these two lovely scents, which actually came around Christmas time in cute little baubles with the cutest pink fluffy pom pom keyring - which are now on my keys of course.

Missguided perfume

Let's start on how stunning the scent 'babe power' is. I first sprayed this when I opened it up in Adam's car, and as soon as I sprayed it on my wrist Adam said how much of a nice smell it was! It was very strong but in a nice musky way! It's been a handbag essential ever since it arrived! The next gorgeous smell that is more floral and unusual which I tend to use more in the day time or if I'm going out for the day is 'babe dreams'. Definitely smells how it sounds trust me! Definitely dreamy! I was shocked at how long the scent lasted on my skin and clothes as well! I love how small they are and fit in even my smallest of handbags - great for a night out perfume too!

Twist & Spritz Atomiser

But, when it comes to my other perfumes they aren't so handbag friendly, so this Twist & Spritz atomiser is perfect for decanting my favourite scents like, YSL Mon Paris, Marc Jacobs Decadence into a small size so I can take it anywhere with mew instead of the larger bottles! The only difficult part about this atomiser is getting the perfume from the larger bottle into this smaller atomiser. Other than that, it's a great idea! Perfect for us girls who can't go anywhere without our favourite perfumes or scents!

Twist & Spritz Atomiser
Babe Dreams* - Missguided | Babe Power* - Missguided | Twist & Spritz Atomiser*

What's your favourite scent?

*Items marked with an asterisk (*) have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.*


  1. I love perfumes that not only come in pretty bottles but also come in handbag size, perfect for travelling or on the go! :)

    Shannon x

  2. I am so glad you posted... I am so bad for using the same perfume for about 3 years rather than getting a new bottle because I only put it on when I'm at home and I always forget. Really good ideas for little versions you can take out!

  3. Aww these look fab! :D I hate lugging massive perfume bottles around with me, so handy ones like this are always perfect. ^_^

  4. The atomiser is such a great way to carry perfume around. :D

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

    1. Yes it is! I just wish it was easier to decant my perfume into!

  5. I love musky scents so babe powers sounds like it’s be the one for me. The atomiser sounds good too.