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Thursday 25 April 2019

Theatre | The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch

Do you ever remember watching The Worst Witch on CBBC when you wear a kid? I was OBSESSED with it when I was a kid! I used to adore watching it before school in the morning and any episode I could get hold of to sit and watch all the magic happen! It was like my style of Harry Potter! So when Saffron from PixieBowUK invited me with her to go and see The Worst Witch at the Belgrade Theatre, I couldn't contain my excitement! And it was that good & entertaining I had to share this!

The Worst Witch

In all honesty, even before the proper start, I was in absolute stitches laughing at how funny and humorous the actresses wear! They started off in the crowd and Mildred (played by Danielle Bird) was climbing literally through all the seats and I just couldn't stop laughing! The actresses were BRILLIANT! Shout out to Enid (played by Consuela Rolle) with her incredible voice! I couldn't believe how well they played all their parts! And my gosh do they all have so many talents! You honestly have to go and watch this before the show finishes on Saturday the 27th April at Belgrade Theatre!

The Worst Witch

There's so many different parts to the show and you honestly can't stop laughing! The set was INSANELY good! You'll certainly be surprised by this set and how many cool things it does and how big a part it plays in the whole show. The costumes, the effects, the music, honestly it was SPOT ON! Certainly entertains you throughout the entire show!

The Worst Witch
All photos taken by Manuel Harlan.

So if you like going to the theatre, as I do! And it's something I'd love to do more often as I never realised how much I loved going to the theatre and watching shows and especially pantomimes until I went to see Sleeping Beauty at Christmas with Adam! The Belgrade Theatre is a perfect different place to go for a different night out and a night with a difference with all the different shows they always have on! If you want to go see this show, (YOU NEED TOO!), then book your tickets as they are only showing until Saturday 27th April!

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