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Friday 3 May 2019

Travel | Best Places To Eat In Krakow Poland

best places to eat in krakow poland

Krakow, especially in the main square is filled with plenty of restaurants and cafes to try out different and worldwide ranges of foods. When myself & Adam had a city break in Krakow back on October 2018, the main thing we did was try out as many different ranges of food that we could - especially considering how cheap it was over there for a meal for 2!

best places to eat in krakow poland
Mo-Ja Cafe & Bistro

Brunch was something we went for most of the time we were there, and the one place that stood out for us was this cool brunch restaurant that served a variety of different foods, but best of all, pancakes with fresh fruit - my absolute go to whilst we were there! The cafe is called Mo-ja Cafe & Bistro and they are home to these amazing pancakes and drinks you can see above. They have such a relaxed but cool vibe about the space they own and the staff were lovely and even the prices weren't even bad! 

Best Places To Eat In Krakow Poland
Frania Cafe

Frania Cafe was another cool brunch spot we stopped in on our hunt around Krakow when we were trying to find Krakow's Pinball Museum - which took us ages to maps was certainly not on point that day. Frania Cafe was an unusual quirky style cafe that had a nice colourful relaxing vibe about it but was also a laundrette behind the tills. Rather strange but definitely something to go and check out, they even have clothes shaped paintings on the walls, strange but worth going to see. I had pancakes once again, as honestly, the polish make THE best pancakes I've eaten so far! It came with a fruit sauce which was such a nice addition rather than syrup! It came with a variety of different fresh fruit as well. The prices were also pretty good in there! Adam had a full breakfast which was unusual coming with salad but it looked rather presentable. We both ordered smoothies which were deliciously refreshing too!

Best Places To Eat In Krakow Poland
Mr Pancake Bifor

Mr Pancake was actually our first brunch spot to visit on our first day that we arrived in Krakow. They had a HUGE menu of different styles of pancakes and different brunch meals. They had such a cool decor within the restaurant which I just loved! Adam went for the Oreo Chocolate pancakes which was covered in chocolate sauce as you can see! And I had a plate filled with mini pancakes, the fruit sauce they love in Poland, muesli, syrup and chocolate sauce with a range of different fruits too. I loved how each plate was trickled with sprinkles as well to make it even more presentable. I love the decor of the mini flags that say 'F*ck Diet' as well! Definitely somewhere to come if you want to ruin your diet! Put this place on your must eat at list if your travelling to Krakow!

Best Places To Eat In Krakow Poland
Da Peitro
If you know me, you'll know how much I adore spaghetti bolognese and Italian food! We visited Da Peitro on our final day in Krakow and had such a nice spaghetti bolognese each with LOADS of garlic bread which was SO good I am craving it as I'm typing this. The pricing wasn't too bad either, considering we had a glass of baileys each too. This is something we had a lot of whilst in Krakow surprisingly.

Best Places To Eat In Krakow Poland
Starpolska - Polski Pub
Staropolska was kind of confusing but had good food. We waited for quite a while to be served and our order taken. The staff seemed rather distracted and wasn't paying much attention to the customers here. Apart from that, we had a delicious chicken broth (honestly craving this right now it was that good!) for starters, then we moved on to mains which we both went for chicken cutlet, wedges and steamed veg. This honestly defeated me as it was wayyy too big for my little belly no matter how much I usually eat this defeated me for sure! It was really nice though! This restaurant I think came across the most expensive whilst we were there, but in English money it certainly wasn't. I also tried a mojito for the first time at this restaurant too - wasn't a fan. As I was trying my hardest to try new foods and drinks whilst we were away and I came back to the UK wanting so many more different foods than I would before!

Best Places To Eat In Krakow Poland
Hot Chilli - Indian Restaurant 

Of course, I'm a curry addict so I just had to try what Krakow had on the table for Indian food. I went for a Chicken Madras with pilau rice as I just love hot and spicy foods! Even the gentleman that served us warned me of how hot the curry was...But honestly, I've had hotter curries and this one wasn't as spicy as what it could of been! It was a very nice curry though! We also had poppadoms on the side too. Again, pricing was so good and cheap! Honestly you don't need a lot of money in Poland if you go to the right places as everything is so cheap and affordable!

Best Places To Eat In Krakow Poland
Max 18 - Cracow Hostel

Max 18 was our first place we ate out in on our first day and we opted for a kebab each and oh my goodness...the portion sizes were ridiculously huge!! Such a good price too for like 8.79 zloty or something! I had a chicken style kebab with salad and chips and Adam had a mix from what I remember with Donner kebab with salad and chips. I love how all the restaurants you can sit outside and enjoy all the cities atmosphere whilst eating dinner with the horses trotting by, the street performers singing etc. It's honestly such a beautiful atmosphere I'll never forget.

Best Places To Eat In Krakow Poland

If you do go to Poland, whether it's Krakow or Warsaw or anywhere in Poland for that matter, you have to try their Vodka, it's something else that's for sure...I tried Cherry vodka and its INSANE. Hits you very quickly but tastes so good! Me and Adam tried a few different flavours and the brand we tried the most was Soplica and it's like £6 for a big bottle of it! Honestly try it if you like vodka! Also, you'll notice a lot of blue stands around the main square with round bread inside, honestly try these too! They are like 1,10 Zloty and taste so nice!

Hope this little guide was helpful for if you are going or thinking of going to Krakow any time soon! Me & Adam loved it there and would certainly go again in the future!

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