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Friday 30 August 2019

Food | Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe With Creative Nature

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

Anything with banana in, I am DOWN for that! The fact that this banana bread you can make normally or the vegan way is just perfect! So I'm going to run you through how I made this LUSH banana bread with Creative Natures Wholegrain Banana Bread Mix, but the vegan way. Let's dig in!

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

Creative Nature's Banana Bread Mix is not only Vegan, it's also dairy free, nut free, gluten free, organic and so many other fab things free. So if you are one with a lot of allergies and love banana bread, then this one is definitely for you. I made the Vegan style banana bread with dairy free spread, 3 bananas and a pinch of cinnamon. Adam was the one who stirred everything up, we had a day where we were just baking for a change which was lovely! I grease proof papered a loaf tin and once all the mixture was nice and gloopy to go into the tin, I scoop it out into the tin and banged it in the oven - super easy peasy! Waited around 45 mins in total even though the recipe states 20-25 mins, I like banana bread a little bit more crispy on top so left it that tad bit longer.

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

I absolutely adore baking but hate it when it takes up too much time, so this was perfect for me to make! Banana bread isn't everyones favourite thing but taking it to work for people to try, they loved it! I certainly enjoyed it and had at least 4 slices in the end! It was all gone within 3 days...That was one yummy banana bread. The mixes cost £3.99 in Asda from what I have seen but you can find them in most supermarkets, mainly in the free from section. Since I've been lactose in tolerant and not going towards many things with dairy in, it's made me feel so much better. Now I've made a choice to head towards going Vegan, I'm enjoying trying new things, new foods and flavours. I've never enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen so much, so this was a lovely recipe to try out as I've never made Banana bread before until now, and I shall certainly be making it again now I know how easy it is to make. Plus you can make it the vegan way - BONUS!

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe
Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

Creative Nature is a brilliant brand to try out whether your, dairy free, gluten free, vegan or nut free. They do so many different products like mixes to bake or healthy tasty bars to try out. They have lots of different flavoured bars that are like flapjacks, perfect little on the go snacks. I'm also yet to try out the brownie mix, which I might do in a what I eat in a week video if that sounds any good? Who doesn't love brownies? Especially vegan ones!

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*The Creative Nature products have been gifted to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are honest and my own. For more information, please refer to my diclaimer.*

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