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Monday 5 August 2019

Travel | The Best Hotel To Stay In Zante - Hotel Agrilia

Hotel Agrilia - Laganas, Zante Review

Ahh Zante, a place where you think all the parties happen and people go to get drunk. It's actually not what you think there, it's so much more than this. It has lovely people, beautiful surroundings, amazing food, and tourist trips. But the most important thing to remember about going on holiday, is the hotel. Now, this hotel was something else in Zante, so I'm going to take you through exactly why I decided to write a blog post about this one particular hotel. Read on to find out more...

Hotel Agrilia - Laganas, Zante Review

The Hotel Itself

I chose to write about this hotel as I could not fault the place. The rooms were so cute and a perfect little size for me and Adam for the week, added with a lovely little balcony looking over the view of the hotel, pool and best of all, the greek mountains in the distance. This hotel caught our eye on Jet2 because of how fresh, clean and modern this hotel looked online. And my goodness was it a good choice. The marble stairs up towards the reception area look lush. We were greeted with a warm (literally) welcome and a smile, as you would expect! Our only worry was when they asked to take our passports and keep them for a bit - slightly concerning but I could understand why they needed to take copies of it etc. We also had to pay, is it called Tourist tax? That was only 3.50 euros for the week which I was quite shocked at how cheap it was!

As for the cleanliness of the hotel, it was the cleanest place I've ever been to. Spotless everywhere. No rubbish left about, clean pool constantly, except a beetle that fell in the water, so me being me with insects (I always save the poor creatures from being stood on or killed) I saved the poor thing from drowning - good deed of the day done there. The sun loungers were always clean, the tables were always freshened up quickly. As you can see by all the photos, this place was SPOTLESS.

Hotel Agrilia - Laganas, Zante Review

The Staff

All the staff that worked at The Agrilia Hotel were always so smiley, lovely and willing to help if you needed it. From the receptionist, to chef, waitresses and barmen. Even the owner was about quite often which was lovely to see. We rented a quad bike out for a few days whilst we were in Zante, and we were even allowed to keep the quad bike by the hotel gates so that it was safe (ish) and we could just about see it from our hotel balcony if we wanted to. The staff always make a hotel and this group of staff members did just that and were always so lovely and kind.

Hotel Agrilia - Laganas, Zante Review

The Food

Agrilia Hotel is a B&B basis only hotel, and the hotel cost us around £400 each for the week. We wanted a bed and breakfast type holiday so we could try all the different foods whilst in Zante, as there is honestly so much food to choose from and try out. Read my guide to 'Best Places To Eat In Zante' here. The breakfast choice was more continental than anything else. There was a range of foods from, greek yoghurt, honey, fruits, all sorts of bread, fresh watermelon, oranges, apples, melons daily. As well as homemade pancakes, croissants, donuts, different types of greek breakfast foods and of course, your favourites for a full English breakfast. Of course for refreshments there was tea, coffee, juice or water. Most days me and Adam had the same which was fruit with a full English, or Adam would have muesli with milk and fruits, or even yoghurt. The food certainly filled us up for the morning, ready for the day of adventure ahead.
Hotel Agrilia - Laganas, Zante Review

I couldn't recommend this hotel enough, as it was in such a lovely setting, beautiful views, overall a lovely hotel to spend a week or even two weeks in. It's located at the top of the strip so you don't have to listen to all the party people all night thankfully, somewhere you can actually get some sleep. One downside to this hotel is the fact you have to pay for air con, which we didn't bother with but we would of loved, but oh well! A major bonus also was this hotel was Adults only, which was so much nicer for a more relaxed stay.

Have you ever been to Zante before?


*This review I was not paid for & I was not on any form of press trip. I generally loved this hotel so much that I had to write about it & share how lovely it was. All opinions are my own. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.*

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