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Thursday 26 September 2019

Advice | How To Know When To Unfollow

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Social media can be an amazing but dark place. There's so many different people and accounts out there that inspire us but then bring us down. Then there's bloggers who support each other no matter what, then there's others who bully people so they can come out on top. I'm going to go through with you exactly why I hit that unfollow button on so many accounts and bloggers, and what I've experienced and learnt from it.

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Unnecessary Negative Comments

This is something I luckily don't get often, but I have received hatred before. But as soon as something like this happens, I unfollow/block the account it's come from. As who has time for negativity these days? Life's too short, so be kind to each other. The people that cyberbully and leave negative comments don't see what's happening behind the person it's left to. They could cause upset, anxiety, depression or even something worse. So as soon as that one negative comment comes through, don't react, report it, block them and honestly get on with enjoying your life.

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Spring Outfit

Negative Friends

When you make friends through social media it can be so lovely! As I've honestly made such amazing friendships through blogging and Instagram who have become some of my close friends. But on the other hand in past blogging relationships they haven't gone so well. Some people in the blogging world will support you 100%, then there will be that tiny percentage that see you as competition and want to do better than you. Which in my eyes is completely pointless and childish when we should all support each other, not be against each other.
There may be jealousy through what brands people get to work with, but everyone is at different stages with growing their content and blogs. You can't compare your chapter 1 to someones chapter 36, so to speak. What I'm trying to say is, friendships should be built on trust and support, not negativity and jealousy. That's when it's time to unfollow and end it.

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Unfollow Accounts That Make You Doubt Yourself

This is something I hear about a lot and if something is bringing you down, you definitely need to click that unfollow button. If someones feed doesn't uplift you, inspire you or bring you happiness, unfollow them. Or if you don't want to offend people, just mute their content. I've done it a few times as I don't want to unfollow or offend them. I still want to follow to support them, but some things I just don't want to come up on my feed. Don't think it's bad for doing do, as you matter the most, so put yourself first!


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