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Monday 28 October 2019

Lifestyle | Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is certainly upon us, I've done a wardrobe clear out, got all the jumpers, coats & cosy things out & put all of my summer clothes away now that the summer sun has gone away for the next few seasons. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, so there's lots of different things I want to do before the season ends, I'm going to put together a bucket list of things I want to complete during the autumn season.

Cook A Stew

It's that perfect time of the year for all those hearty meals during those colder days, stews and casseroles are certainly a dish I love having the most next to a roast dinner at this time of year. There's something about a bowl of cooked through vegetables soaked in graving that seems so pleasing after a cold day outside.

Create A Autumnal Oufit IGTV Video

I've been playing around with IGTV a lot more lately and it's been so much fun creating smaller videos for Instagram content. Autumn is my favourite season when it comes to styling, so this would be the best season for me to film and style up autumn outfits for IGTV.

Go To A Pumpkin Patch

I usually go to Pumpkins R Us just outside of Kenilworth, but we attempted to go, yet it was closed due to flooding -  BOO! But it's okay we can always go next year or to a different one. I'd love to go to the one that's in Milton Keynes as well next year, as they have an actual field of them. So this one won't be ticked off the list unfortunately for this year.

Halloween Shoot

As we can clearly see by the photos in this post, I've already achieved this thankfully! With a witchy themed look, rather casual, but I also filmed a make up tutorial of the actual look I created for this look if I was to wear this outfit for Halloween. I bought the 'Resting Witch Face' top for £2.50 from Primark, a few pumpkins for 50p each & the witch hat from the pound shop for only £1 of course - Halloween sorted on a budget!

Welly Walk

One of my favourite things to do all year round this is, but during autumn it's that little bit more special walking with the wellies on during  a sunny autumnal day through the woods, kicking the leaves up in the air and smelling that autumn smell. Something I just really appreciate is something as little as a walk around the woods during autumn time. I used to go chestnut picking when I was younger so doing this always reminds me of doing these wood walks when I was younger. 

Cosy Movie Night

Movie nights filled with an aroma of different candles lit, a nice film on Netflix, I'm dying to watch Hocus Pocus before the autumn season is out, as I've never seen it and it's just a Halloween classic!

Go To A Bonfire/Firework Display

This is something I like to do yearly as it's such a nice thing to do and experience if you don't mind flashing lights and loud bangs. I love the display at Kenilworth castle which I think we might go to as it's always a brilliant display there, £10 a ticket but absolutely brilliant! Definitely would recommend.

Bake Brownies

I've had a brownie mix from Creative Nature (gifted) a few months ago and I haven't even had chance to make them yet but I am dying to make them when I get the chance to, as brownies are FAB, anytime of the year, but autumn I love to bake more stuff like this.

What do you like to do during the autumn season?


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