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Thursday 13 February 2020

Advice | How To Embrace The Love On Valentine's Day Single Or Taken

Isobel Celine

Valentine's Day is a day of love no matter whether you are single or taken. It shouldn't be a day where you feel alone or depressed. No matter what you are doing, Valentine's Day is all about love, not just within couples, but a day to share love with anyone, even a stranger. Here's some ways you can embrace Valentine's Day and do things for either yourself or a complete stranger.

Isobel Celine
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Have a girls day out

Treat Valentine's Day as Galentine's Day, or even a night out. This could be a night at home with movies and all the snacks, or even going to the cinema, out for a country walk or out for dinner all together.

Give something to a homeless person

This could be a coffee, something to eat, or you could bake some Valentine's Day cookies and share the love that way giving them to homeless people in your area. Sharing the love this way is so meaningful for people who need the love the most.

Bake cakes or cookies for work colleagues

This is such a lovely way to share the love at work with all your work friends and colleagues. As there may be some people in the office or at work that may be feeling particularly down during this day and something like this is such a lovely gesture and pick me up to someone who it will mean so much to.

Isobel Celine

Dress up

Whether you are at work, out for the day or for dinner, make the most of it and make yourself feel glam and at your best. There's something about wearing a nice outfit that makes you feel so much more confident in yourself. So get your best outfit on girl!

Pamper night

This can be done alone or of course with the girls, or even your partner! Saves money but also is so relaxing to do. A face mask, do your nails and you could even have a lush bubble bath to make yourself feel more relaxed. I love to read a book in the bath to make me completely relax and step out of reality and dive right into a book and get lost within the story line.

Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf is not only fun for a date night, but also to go out with friends and just have a laugh together! I love to do this for a date night with Adam as we are not only competitive, we have such a good laugh doing it! Definitely one to have some fun with and it's not overly expensive unless you go to somewhere that involves alcohol of course!

Isobel Celine
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Valentine's Day can be embraced in so many different ways, so enjoy the day no matter what you plan, or whether you even plan to stay at home watching the TV, (Love Island for sure!), with a tube of ice cream or treats and just enjoying time to yourself!

What's your plans for Valentine's Day?


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