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Monday 11 May 2020

Fashion | 3 Loungewear Sets You Need During Lockdown

Who else is living in loungewear? I honestly don't think I want to put on another pair of jeans again after living in all the cosy clothes. I've worn to death so many loungewear pieces, but the main sets I've been wearing are pastel coloured sets. So for today's post, as of course we are all living in loungewear, I'm bringing to you my 3 favourite sets you need right now.

The first set being pink, of course, if you know me, I blooming LOVE pink. I love a good sporty vibe also. This pink and white striped set is really nice how the joggers are cuffed on the ankles, fitted and actually give me shape, as much as I like a pair of baggy joggers, I love a tight fitted pair. I' definitely be wearing this one a lot, even outside of lockdown as I love it. Especially paired with some converse for sure. - Pink Contract Striped Cropped Loungewear Set from Femme Luxe*

Sage green is honestly my new favourite colour right now, especially for spring and summer. Well, let's make that lilac as well. But even whilst I'm writing this I am actually sat in this sage green set. The material is really lightweight and comfortable, but kind of slinky, so as much as it's fitted, it's a relaxed fit at the same time. Like I said about the previous set, I love things to be fitted, but still comfortable and this set does just that whilst also looking rather stylish. The top comes with a tie around the waist, so you could either wear it as a baggy top, or tie it together and have the set look more pulled together and fitted. I'm certainly going to be living in this set for the for seeable future. - Sage Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set from Femme Luxe*

You can never go wrong with a pair of joggers. I've never had a white pair but always wanted some, so Femme Luxe have certainly brought the goods here! The inside lining of these joggers are honestly so soft and cosy I want to sleep in them - don't see why not? The fit around the waist of these joggers are perfect, as I have a pair from another brand that are similar but they fall off my waist and just sit on my hips, not the look I am going for. So this white pair are the perfect fit, alongside the cuffed joggers, as I am not here for a baggy ankle look on joggers. I love these with a bralet or crop top. - White Cuffed Joggers from Femme Luxe*

Femme Luxe is one of my favourite clothing brands and I was kindly sent these loungewear sets. I just had to share them with you in a blog post as they are killing it with the loungewear sets right now, so go and treat yourself to some of their stylish sets which are ALL on sale right now!

Femme luxe also have some lush collections right now including:

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