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Monday 22 June 2020

Fashion | Moving Onto Editorial & Self Portrait Photography Whilst In Lockdown

Photography Ideas

I've always enjoyed photography styles in different ways and that's something I wanted to start implementing into my instagram feed. As much as I love a good outfit post, exploring different creative ways to take photographs I've thoroughly enjoyed during lockdown. I'm going to take you through the ways I find to get my creative juices flowing.

Photography Ideas

Where do I get my creativity from?

I either have a random idea pop into my head or I search through Pinterest or Instagram. Sometimes I have more creative days than others as like us all, we are human and our mindsets can be all over the place. But what I've been doing recently is using everyday objects, like the washing line or a bouquet of flowers. You can get creative with anything if you put your mind to it.

Photography Ideas

Use everyday objects

Like I said the washing line and flowers are my recent favourites. But also using things like fruit or sheets etc. Just google 'photography with fruit' or anything you think would look good just get creative! Your imagination is limitless.

Photography Ideas

Different lighting

Lighting is something I love to play around with. I especially love light and airy looking photos. You can create different types of lighting with ring lights, natural light, torches against things like CD's. Shining light through a water bottle, plastic etc. Honestly anything. My personal favourite is reflecting lights off a mirror or shining a torch through a water bottle to get that cool looking reflection.

Photography Ideas

Different shadows

I haven't played with shadows too much but I want to more. I've seen shadow style photos created with lace fabric, a toilet roll with a torch shining through. Pinterest is such a good place to search for these. I have a board on Pinterest called 'Photography Poses' if you want to find some inspiration.

Photography Ideas

Playing with angles

Shooting something creative is certainly better when you play around with angles. Whether you shoot from the floor upwards, straight in front of you or having flowers covering half of the lense. It's all about experimenting and seeing what you like to create.

Photography Ideas


I absolutely love water shots. There's so much you can do with it. I shot a photo with water dripping through a cylinder which gave a water droplet effect that looks like crystals or diamonds. There's also water reflections that look amazing, especially when it's been raining and theres loads of puddles about. Reflections look so cool and look like they've been photoshopped when it hasn't.

Photography Ideas

I hope you've gained some inspiration from this or like the ideas. If you follow me on Instagram here you will see all the different ideas I've been testing out. Have you been experimenting with anything new during lockdown?


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