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Monday 5 October 2020

Lifestyle | Cute Nutrition Review

Cute Nutrition Review

Have you missed being energetic, fit and healthy during this pandemic? I know I sure have! Going through those long months without the gym was tough. I gave up exercising completely apart from the odd days of doing yoga at home. Now that the majority of gyms are back open, I couldn't be happier to get back at it. But this time I want to gain more protein into my vegetarian/vegan diet. Of course, this is where I want to add in a whey protein shake to have after my work out to gain, repair and tone my muscles. This is where Cute Nutrition comes in. They kindly sent out a box of pr samples for me to try. Now I'm already familiar with the Cute Nutrition shakes as I used to have them and did a review a few years ago. The shakes that I've got this time are the tone and recover ones, a chocolate flavour - which may I add tastes like a chocolate milkshake but without the milk. I also have the Vegan strawberry flavour shake. Both shakes are low in calories and, for me, are best to have after a workout. Depending on what you want to gain from protein shakes, Cute Nutrition do quite a few different flavours and varieties on their website here.

Cute Nutrition Review

BCAA Amino Drink

I'm so happy that Cute do a kind of pre-work out drink, and especially sex on the beach flavour. I've been having this before and during the gym to test it out for the last few weeks. And it tastes quite nice, apart from when you get to the bottom of the drink and it gets a bit bitter/grainy which is fine as the rest of the drink was nice. Sometimes it has a strange after taste though? Also to let you know, I have a thyroid condition so have to be careful on what I eat and drink, especially when it comes to these types of products, as I recently found out that certain sweeteners can affect my thyroids function, and this product unfortunately has been affecting my thyroid because of the sweeteners in it which I'm gutted about as I quite like using this product for the gym - be better for people who don't have a thyroid issue, but of course if you do like me, make sure you research into the sweeteners included in the products before you buy of course. I hope they bring out more flavours though for this product, as there's so many cool flavours Cute could bring out for this type of product.

Check out the BCAA Amino Drink here

Cute Nutrition Review


The chocolate whey protein shake has 22 grams of protein in, but this is when you add 3 scoops to 250ml water into a shaker. I tend to half the scoops as it can get a little too thick and grainy for me, but it all depends on your preference. Also if you stir the shake in the bottle it's less likely to be grainy. You can use water, plant milk or whatever milk you fancy with this shake. I personally like to have just water as I'm not one for thick protein shakes. The flavour of this one I do like though thankfully, as I am the fussiest eater you'll meet - trust me! So this is a shake I will be using after the gym often.

Cute Nutrition Review
Cute Nutrition Review

The Vegan Shake

I'm so glad Cute Nutrition have an option of a vegan shake. Perfect for those who are not only vegan, but lactose intolerant and others who are trying to cut dairy out of their diet. I tried the strawberry flavour shake, but this time with 3 scoops. Of course this is a review of their products and unfortunately this shake wasn't for my taste at all, which I'm so gutted about. My taste buds are honestly the worst, as I wish I liked so many different things but unfortunately I don't. I think it would be a good idea if Cute Nutrition started doing tester sized sachets for each flavour shake they have so that their new or existing customers can try before they buy, as that would be so much better. Especially for the times you buy a big tub, try it and end up not liking the flavour - plus better for the environment as it's less waste with trying before you buy. Getting back to the subject of the shake, the flavour was too much like pea protein for me, but pea protein I don't even like in most food products which is so annoying for me as it's a great way to gain protein from plants, but unfortunately it just doesn't taste good to me. Maybe some kind of soy/soya protein if that's a thing would be a better way of making a vegan shake if possible? If you've had pea protein shakes before and liked them, then this might be a good shake for you to try anyway!

Cute Nutrition Review

Cute Accessories

Cute have some of the nicest accessories fit for the gym, or at home. They kindly sent me out a booty band, skipping rope and a shaker. Now they do sell clothing as well, but I'm gutted they've stopped selling their hoodies as I still have 2 of their cropped hoodies they sold a while back which I've dug back out to wear more often. The booty band is by far one of the best I own, as the fabric booty bands are so much better than the ones that just slip up your legs when your trying to do donkey kicks or just squats in general. The material is super thick and heavy duty which I love and really helps me to get the most out of a leg and booty work out - leaves me aching like I should be after using it! 

As for the skipping rope, it's super long, but this isn't a bad thing for taller people, but I'm only small so it was a little difficult at first but it was a very handy accessory to have at the gym, as the gym doesn't provide skipping ropes, so its good for me to have in my gym bag when I want to use it. 

Cute has two different colours of these shakers, pink and black, and I kind of want the black one as well, but they also do a really cute - and I mean that - water bottle covered in kisses. Love that. They also do cute socks, a beach ball, face masks and mugs, which I also have the mug on their website and have done for years. Honestly go and check out their website as you won't be disappointed, also I have a discount code for you to save money with, use the code 'ISOBEL10' for discount, excludes bundles though.

Cute Nutrition Review
Cute Nutrition Review

Beauty Collagen

Cute Nutritions latest product was recently launched and it's this beauty collagen drink which supposedly tastes like watermelon. I say supposedly because I haven't tried it, the reason for this is, of course I'm vegetarian and this product contains traces of fish, so unfortunately I won't be trying it, but if you guys would like to try it out for yourself, you can win this tub on my Instagram page when I hold the giveaway. So make sure your following me on instagram to see when I upload the giveaway.

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into cute nutritions products and what I think of them. Thank you to Cute Nutrtion for sending me these lovely products out which I honestly love! I have another review of their skinny protein pancakes coming soon as well, so look out for that. Also watch my vlog using and testing out their products in this 'Come To The Gym With Me' Vlog here.

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