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Friday 16 July 2021

Fashion | What I've Been Wearing Recently

femme luxe

Wow it has been a hot minute since I've written a blog post. Sorry for the lack of them, but I kind of took a break from posting as I just didn't feel like writing. So here I am sat in bed with my laptop on my lap, headphones on, but nothing playing through them - not sure why I do this but it helps me concentrate. But anyway, how are you all? I see I have an audience coming from a lot of different areas recently so welcome to my little space on the internet & I hope you enjoy.

So going back to basics, I wanted to talk about some recent outfits I've been wearing, as we love a classic what I've been wearing recently kind of post. If you are from the UK, you will know the weather isn't the best all the time, so when I took these it was on rare days where the sun was actually out - woooo! Wish it would come back for a while though. Starting with the first outfit, how cute is the white corset style crop top. I remember when literally every influencer during the summer had one of these tops last year and I really wanted to style one. Wearing it with some classic shorts, both from Femme Luxe*. I don't normally wear such a casual style outfit, but lockdown has certainly changed my style & I'm more open to trying different styles out.

femme luxe

We all love a cheeky co-ord moment and this co-ord is super cute in baby blue. I love how this set is nice and fitted, but also lightweight to wear under a hoodie or just as it is with trainers. Giving that sporty luxe kind of feel. I love the ruched detailing on the sides, makes it look more interesting rather than just a crop top and cycling shorts. I've been wearing this a lot recently, especially on our walks around the local area and flying Adam's new drone I got him for his birthday - vlog coming to my channel soon. I really should do a full on catch up post or start doing dairy entry style posts as it's so nice to look back on. My bestie Lizzie is my fave for doing that on her blog.

femme luxe

Are we sick of wearing loungewear yet? I feel like I wear these kind of chilled outfits SO much because of lockdown of course. But even now with a bit normality coming back to life I'm not sick of it all surprisingly, joggers, yes you can stay in the winter clothes pile for now, but cute loungewear sets like this can stay. I honestly LIVE in flared trousers without me even realising. They are my go to trousers and I notice even when its raining and they get wet from the rain I still wear them - typical. I have been eyeing up this green set for ages on Femme Luxe's website but they were out of my size for ages but now it's finally part of my wardrobe. Femme Luxe also always seem to have some kind of sale on and I personally think the quality isn't bad at all for the price. 

Thank you to Femme Luxe for kindly gifting me these lovely clothing pieces. Whats your favourite outfit?

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