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Wednesday 8 June 2022

Advice | June Goals 2022

Isobel Celine

I've noticed I've rather neglected my blog this year and hardly posted, which I feel rather saddened about that my little blog has taken a back seat when I absolutely adore writing. I've not been feeling myself lately, let's be honest actually, for quite some time. I may seem like I'm positive & smiling all the time, but there's always something hidden behind the smile, that no one knows about. Everyone is fighting their own battle inside. But I want to pull myself hard out of this hole I seem to have fallen into & start getting my motivation back to do the things I love & achieve even more in life. I'm that type of person who sets goals, and as soon as I've reached them I have to start striving for the next one. So this blog post will hopefully help me to review the month with small goals to help me pick myself back up again & start striving for the things I want to manifest. Maybe I'll make this a monthly thing...who knows?

Isobel Celine

I wrote a few notes of little goals on my phone I want to achieve this month, some you may be able to help me with?

Post more on my blog

Well we've already started that thankfully. With 2 blog posts ahead of me as well as this one, I'm on the right track to making this a regular occurrence already. Preferably I'd like to get back to my old schedule of posting twice a week, not on any particular day, but just in general. So we've already kick started this goal which I'm quite happy about.

Finish reading Sarah Knight book

I've been reading the Sarah Knight self help book series throughout this year and the one I'm currently on I'm taking forever to read it. If you're familiar with her books, The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*ck & Get Your Sh*t Together, these two books were brilliant & I wizzed through them. Now I'm onto Calm The F*ck Down & I don't find it as interesting. Maybe because the points in the book I've already adapted into my life. I used to have rather bad anxiety in my late teens but I learnt to control my anxiety on my own, so this book doesn't have that much of an interest to me, but I still want to finish it as I'm almost halfway through it, and I'm not one for leaving a book half way through.

Isobel Celine

Go to the gym 4 times a week

Now I've been pretty good at going the gym this year. I go 3-4 times a week but a lot of the time is just 3 days, so I'm at that point I want to push it to 4 days. My fitness journey over the last few years as certainly helped my mental state & within the last year I've gained a stone which I'm rather happy with, as I'm on a weight gain journey. I've always been underweight, but not in an unhealthy way, it's just because of how fast my metabolism was I found it extremely difficult to put on weight no matter how much food I consumed, and trust me I eat a lot in a day. Now I've been vegan for 2 years, I've found more ways to eat more protein, healthy foods & still have a good balance. I'm not one for restricting on food, if I fancy something I'll still have it. Either way, if you want to know more about my weight gain journey you can watch and follow along over on my YouTube here.

Keep up with the healthy eating but also have a balance

Sticking to the same kind of subject, I've been eating even healthier over the last few weeks with swapping my usual high carb lunches at work for bagels or wraps with salad and healthier snacks. Seeing as we are kind of in summer now, lighter lunches make more sense as well as them being better for my stomach. Suffering with IBS & Hypothyroidism your body gets affected by a lot of different things, and certain foods are one of them. My stomach seems to be thanking me for not eating as many carbs as well as I'm not feeling as bloated and sleepy either. If you would like to hear more about how I cope with IBS & Hypothyroidism or you are unsure of what they are, let me know in the comments, I will be more than happy to do a blog post on it.

Isobel Celine

Buy a sofa bed & garden lights

I know a weird goal, but this is more a reminder for me to actually order them. As we've been doing up our garden, as well as our spare room into an office. So these are the last 2 things we need to complete both of these projects. I also have a garden transformation vlog & office transformation vlog coming to my YouTube once we get these last 2 pieces.

Complete Social Media Marketing Course

I've been looking into courses recently as I'd like to enter into the social media industry of working as a social media executive/manager or a content creator for a company. I have such passion for content creation as shown on my instagram, and knowledge on social media & how all the algorithms work at times, but I want more knowledge on how it all works within the marketing sector. I'm working on a goal of moving my career towards marketing and social media, as that's where I strive the most. So completing this course and learning more about it is the first step.

I've been studying on HubSpot where there are loads of free courses to do. I also want to do many other courses on there just to boost my knowledge on ADs on Facebook and Instagram, how SEO works and many more I've added to my favourites. So if you have any courses you have in mind that are like this that you know of, let me know in the comments.

Isobel Celine
Top* - Femme Luxe (gifted) | Jeans - H&M | Bag - Ideal Of Sweden | Trainers - Nike Air Force

Reach 1K Subscribers on YouTube

I've actually just reached 900 subscribers on YouTube this week when I'm writing this which is so amazing and thank you so much if you have subscribed to my channel! It honestly means so much that people are taking the time out of their day to watch me in my videos. So thank you so much! If you haven't already subscribed and would love to help me reach my 1K subs goal, please do subscribe here to my channel Isobel Celine

Reach 6.6K on Instagram

Another more realistic goal as I've recently reached 6.5K on instagram & would love to hit the next milestone. I know these are just small milestones, but like I said, I appreciate everyone who supports me online & it means so much you want to be following along my journey in life. If you'd like to help me in achieving this goal for June please do follow me here on Instagram @isobelceline .

Reach 600 followers on Tik Tok

Same again, more of a realistic goal for Tik Tok as I'm not far away from this already. Tik Tok is such a crazy platform & I love how easy it is over there, no filter & you can just post what you want. Tik Tok is just so chill compared to other apps. If you'd like to support & follow on my Tik Tok & see what content I'm creating there, my Tik Tok is @isobelceline I'm always the same name on each platform.

So hopefully this blog post will hold me accountable on reaching my goals for June.
Do you make monthly goals?

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