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Friday 7 October 2022

Lifestyle | Autumn Bucket List 2022 - Best Things To Do In Autumn

 Best Things To Do In Autumn

Autumn has to be my ALL time favourite season each year. Seeing all the leaves change colour, the fashion, the snuggly nights in, the hot chocolate & SO much more. So this post is dedicated to me wanting to do as much on this list as possible & have a list in one place that I can refer back to, as well as for you to have some ideas of what to do this autumn.

Best Things To Do In Autumn
Shacket - Primark | Top - Primark | Flares - New Look

Watch Gilmore Girls

Now I hear about this show SO much, yet I’ve never watched it. So I definitely need to sit down at some point with a hot chocolate & a blanket and watch what this is all about. As well as Gossip Girl & Hocus Pocus, they are also on my list of what to watch. I say gossip girl as I see so many girls on Instagram, dress like the girls from that show and I’ve never watched it, so I need to see what all the fuss is about. 

Go to a pumpkin patch

Now I only recently started doing this over the last few years, and I honestly want to visit way more than one each year. As going to just one isn’t enough. I went to 3 or 4 last year in different places and it was so cute and autumnal. The best day out honestly & you can get the cutest pictures there. 

Best Things To Do In Autumn
Jacket - Primark | Dress - Primark | Boots - F&F at Tesco 

Pick fruit & veg

Now I’ve actually done this already at Malt Kiln Farm & Hatton Country Farm, but I couldn’t recommend it enough to you to add to your autumn bucket list, or even end of summer list of things to do. It’s so lovely to go and pick your own produce, it’s honestly so wholesome. 

Watch all the Harry Potter films

I’ve not actually watched them all would you believe! I’ve seen bits of most of the films but not watched them all. So if I can watch all of them I’d like to do that this autumn. I wish they would be on Netflix though as we don’t watch the standard tv. But we have started watching them and I'm loving them - not like a die hard fan but I'm really enjoying watching them in order.

Best Things To Do In Autumn
Gilet - H&M | Sweater - InTheStyle | Leggings* -  Femme Luxe | Boots - Primark
Best Things To Do In Autumn
Blazer - H&M | Bodysuit* - Femme Luxe | Jeans - Primark | Bag* - Ideal Of Sweden | Trainers - Nike

Read more books

I always put this on my yearly goals but I’m actually really getting more into reading, especially on my break at work and before I go to sleep to help me sleep better. I’ve recently finished reading Becoming Molly-Mae which I read rather fast, but before that I read Where The Crawdads Sing which in my opinion was an absolutely brilliant read and I highly recommend. Now I'm onto Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.

Carve a pumpkin

Always a classic but this year me & my best friend Katie want to pick some together and carve pumpkins whilst doing a q&a video. That would be super cute and memorable. 

Best Things To Do In Autumn
Blazer* - Femme Luxe | Cargos - Primark | Trainers - Nike
Best Things To Do In Autumn
Dress* - Femme Luxe | Gilet - H&M | Boots - Primark

Bake all the autumn treats

Autumn is THE time for apple crumble so I defo want to be making more of them, pumpkin pizzas is a recipe I’ve found that I want to make, as well as autumn leaf shaped shortbread. I’ve also been saving ALL the baking inspo on Pinterest. 

Decorate for autumn

I’ve actually done this already which you can see in my video of decorate for autumn with me on my YouTube channel here

Best Things To Do In Autumn
Top - H&M | Skirt - Primark | Sandals - Primark

Autumn walks in wellies

Walking through crispy autumn leaves on a chilly autumn day with the sun out are the best types of autumn days to go on a walk, so I definitely want to do this and get my wear out of my wellies. Maybe even make a big pile of leaves to jump in, let the inner child out!

Roast marshmallows 

Especially the vegan ones from M&S. I did this last year with a load of friends in our garden and it was so lovely and wholesome.

Well I hope this post has given you more ideas of what to do this autumn & also given you some style inspo. Have the best autumn!

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