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Friday 3 October 2014

Fashion | Country Girl

Hii again fashionista's ♡

I wasn't able to do my Ootd post yesterday or the day before as I was out for the majority of the day getting pictures of one of my AW14 outfits for you guys to see. (It also had trouble publishing and you've got a sneak peak of what I sometimes do in my spare time - photography) I also went out for a student discount shopping night so watch out for my ootn ( Outfit Of The Night ) post and my student discount shopping haul. I also will be doing a couple of review posts on some little items very soon, so watch out for them too! 

For 1st October's Ootd, I went for colours that really go well with the autumn season which includes :
- Blue
- Red / Burgundy
- Cream
- Brown
- Black
- Gold
Obviously, as I've said before, burgundy is my absolute FAVE colour for this season. 

This outfit really reminds me of the colours on the Great Britain flag as the union jack has blue, red and white on it. 

My brown boots have been worn quite a bit recently ( I get a lot of wear out of them during the colder months - had them for two years ) I just love how the brown ties into so many different AW14 style outfits I create.

The place where all of these photos were taken were in a big Country Park in the UK called ' Coombe Abbey Country Park '. It is one of my favourite places to go as it has a wide variety of different creatures, animals, scenery and beautiful colours to capture on camera and that makes a great photo.

It is also a great place for families, dog walkers, cyclists, photographers, hikers and just people who generally love the countryside.

Overall, it is a beautiful and historic place to go. I really recommend this amazing place as you can see above it is a lovely place to go.

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