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Saturday 29 November 2014

Fashion | Linkin Park

Isobel Celine

Hello people,

If you follow me on Twitter (@isobelceline - also link on my blog at the top↑) you will see I am a major Linkin Park fan. Seeing as this style of coat with either a roll neck jumper or a t-shirt with jeans and boots looks so effortlessly stylish, I thought my fave band tee would look awesome with it!

As for my choker, I was sent it from Yudistira from BYOUT19 on Etsy if you want to check it out search on the Etsy online store BYOUT19 -

Coat - Primark
Linkin Park Tee - Charity Shop
Jeans - New Look
Boots - New Look
Leather Faux Fur Gloves - Primark
Choker* - BYOUT19

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See you in my next post...

Isobel Celine


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