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Monday 1 December 2014

Fashion | Remaining in Reindeer

As it's the 1st December, I thought what a way to bring the Christmas spirit to my blog with a cute Christmas reindeer dress, me and my best friend decorating the Christmas tree!

This month, I am going to try and post as many Christmas and winter type outfits as possible for you all to get some ideas from for the festive month ahead.

I love Christmas! Waking up on Christmas morning and watching your family and friends surprised and appreciative faces while they open their Christmas gifts, snuggling up in cosy pyjamas on the sofa with the duvet, hot chocolate and a lovely Christmas film. It's just such an enjoyable month!

Thanks for reading!

Reindeer Print Hooded Dress -Hidden
Black Wet Look Leggings - Primark
Knee High Socks - Primark
Belt - Primark
Brown Army Boots - Bay

Isobel Celine



  1. Ive nominated you for the liebster award!

    Visit this page for more info, and what to do :)

    Have fun pal xxxx

  2. My fave thing to do at Christmas is wake everyone up in the morning, open my presents and watch everyone else open what i have given them. Then after dinner i love to play millions of board games with my grandparents, and drink!!!!


  3. Lovely christmassy post :) xx