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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Fashion | How To Style A Tartan Skirt

Tartan Kicks!

I thought that would be a great title seeing as I'm wearing a really cute tartan skater skirt from Primark and my Chain Strap Chelsea Boots from F&F at Tesco, so I thought that would sound pretty yeaa! Let's get into today's post!

My cropped cream knitted jumper is from New Look and I actually get a lot of wear out of this jumper I've found as it's so versatile as it goes with quite a lot in my AW14 wardrobe. It also looks quite nice with jeans, jeggings especially blue coloured ones, also matched with a red tartan blanket wrap or scarf it looks and feels so cosy and warm.
As for my boots, they are a complete bargain as they were only £10! They are great quality as well, except that, I've found that they can get marked more easily than I expected them to...but anyway, great buy and very comfortable!
If you have trouble matching tartan skirts with other clothing items, they also look good with a plain t-shirt in either a white or even black if you want to go for a grungy look and maybe even add some Black Doc Martens to the outfit too.
Lastly, I have seen a fair amount of bloggers wearing fedora hats lately and I have wanted one for at least 6 months but couldn't find the right shape or size for me (or at the right price!) until I came across this beauty in H&M while Christmas shopping in Nuneaton! It was £12.99, which is not how much I actually wanted to pay for it but I really loved it and wanted it and knew I would get a lot of wear out of it so I thought, it's pay day, use the pay day treats excuse!

Thanks for reading!
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P.S. The winner of my #fashionistachic14giveaway was Charlotte Ann! Check out her post about it here!

Cream Cropped Knitted Jumper - New Look
Tartan Skater Skirt - Primark
Chain Strap Chelsea Boots - F&F
Fedora Hat - H&M
Black Frilly Socks - Primark 

Isobel Celine



  1. Love the outfit, looks so nice Xxx

  2. so cute! check out this skirt!

  3. Thanks Niky and Rakel! :) That skirt is certainly not the usual shape I'd wear, cute though!x