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Saturday 20 December 2014

Fashion | How To Style A Sequin Dress

You will be inundated with compliments if you buy this Mesh Insert Multi Colour Metallic Sequin Skater Dress from Hidden Fashion! Plus it also comes in pink! (Well it's more of a red than a pink to be honest.)

At the start of December me and a few friends decided to brave the crowds of Birmingham City Centre to do some Christmas Shopping and as I was on my way back to the Train Station of New Street, I spotted my favourite shop Hypnotic! I had been looking forward to going to this particular shop as (if you read or follow my blog) you will have noticed I post about some Black Spiked Heel Boots - recently posted on Luxurious Leopard. Anyway, the items used to be £7.99 each now EVERYTHING is £5!!! Even jackets and shoes are £5! So, I bought 2 sequin dresses which were; this sparkly number in my photos and this Metallic Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress - which is now only available in Blue unfortunately. You guys seriously need to check this shop out! I also found out that they have an online store while I was there! Click this link to be directed straight to their website:

Hidden Fashion

As for my Bedazzled Black Wedges they were actually my shoes for Prom back in 2013! They are at least 4 inches high but they are surprisingly comfortable. Not the best for dancing in though after walking around a fair bit in them. They were from Select and as usual, I bagged them in a sale for only £9.60!
My holographic clutch/shoulder bag was also bagged in a sale in New Look for only £3 and was also another accessory for Prom.
Lastly, my 'Heart' necklace was a Christmas gift from about 2 years ago from a friend which I believe was from Claire's (came in a Claire's box so an obvious give away).

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Merry Christmas!

Sequin Dress - Hidden Fashion
Bedazzled Black Wedges - Select
Holographic Clutch/Shoulder Bag - New Look 
'Heart' Necklace - Claire's

Isobel Celine


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