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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Travel | ComicCon2015 - NEC Birmingham

*WARNING: You will see a side to me as a Fashion & Personal Style Blogger like you've never seen before... - major geek fest is contained in this blog post*

Oh yes...I took a trip up to the NEC Birmingham to spend the day at MCM ComicCon for the first time. I've always wanted to go! I finally managed to get an entire day there and had such an amazing experience! If your one for comics, cosplay, anime, movies, video games or manga, this is DEFINITELY the place for you!

Comic Con was first started on the 21st March 1970 (45 years ago!) when a group of comics, movie and science fiction fans banded together to put on the first comic book convention in southern California - and that is basically what this event contains. It's a massive NERD/GEEK festival for those of you 'Cool Kids'.
If your a fan of marvel, minions, anime, cosplay, manga or even disney princesses, you should carry on reading! If not then this is definitely not the kind of post for you - but it does still involve fashion - of course!

The first thing we saw outside the MCM ComicCon Event - a giant bunny!

These Jawa's were actually so cute! I gave them a hug hehee! At one point they started poking my friends phone while taking a selfie video with them. They also tried to take my can of Monster Energy from me, I was like 'Nooo!' and ran away hahaa!

Characters from Star Wars!

A giant minion! This giant blow up minion was literally the size of a house!

Gedi's from Star Wars

Captain America & Black Widow

The STIG! I was actually so hyped up when I seen this guy! He even put his hand out and shook my hand! He was AWESOME!

A Storm trooper from Star Wars

Kick-Ass! One of my absolute favourite pictures from the day!

BATMAN! Matching my top right there...

FREEZE! - Yes, I asked if I could shoot this guy...

These guys (well mainly the woman) actually scared me...they were so in character it was like jumping into the Harry Potter movie set! I actually thought she was going to strangle me I was ready to pull her fingers back! My face is in half panicking mode here!

We had to wait until 11:00am till we could get our tickets as we didn't book priority I decided to sit on the floor until then as there was no where else to actually sit. Plus seeing as we were up on our feet all day, this seemed like a good idea - even though the floor was freezing!
You can buy tickets to the event here! The event is not only located at Birmingham but also; Belfast, London, Manchester, Midlands and also Scotland. I heard that there is also one in Canada as well!

The main entrance to MCM ComicCon Birmingham

 You gotta love soldiers - seeing as camouflage is my weakness print!

I hugged a minion!

Actually loved this guys Spiderman pose - another favourite picture from the event!

They even had a CEX stall!

 My Little Pony merch! Seriously pricey though!

 I seriously wanted a Minecraft t-shirt!

 Pikachu art I might try out!

 Bumblebee! - Faveee transformer!

 R2D2! It literally ran into our feet - which explains why the picture is blurred.

Here's the fashion part! I thought this skirt was so cute! Even thought I'm not an anime fan, I still loved the lace detailing on the hem of this ultra cute skirt!

 Team Rocket from Pokemon

This alien was actually named Alfie according to the soldiers guarding him!?

Not a sight you'd ever thought you'd see was it?! Captain Jack Sparrow with a light saber!

I actually found these amazing! They were made out of Perspex, engraved in logos and characters from Minecraft to Frozen to even the Transformers!

Seriously loved the Minecraft geek sunnies!

These gamer's were playing a Nintendo game and could see by the expression on their faces how intense the game was! Their hands were moving the controls so fast, I just couldn't believe it! I'm a bit of gamer girl myself but I'm more of a just for fun type of gamer - unless it's a game of Call Of Duty then I become seriously competitive. 

Found Woody & Jessie on the way out of the NEC.

I found Matt Smith! - Only joking! But how much does he actually look like Matt Smith from Doctor Who?! Literally ran at him on the way back to the train station!

Phew! Wow...I took A LOT of pictures! Considering how it was my first time at MCM ComicCon 2015 at the NEC Birmingham, I felt like I needed to! It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be going again, which should be in November.
I didn't even think to look on the MCM ComicCon Birmingham website to see what was happening during the event! Don't worry! I'll fill you in on what was there:
There were stalls by; CEX, Slothical Creations (they draw you in sloth form for only £3!), Laura Howell, Lee Townsend and even Killer Bunny.
There were also dealer stalls which gave people a chance to buy the very best from the worlds of Movie, Anime, Manga, TV, Comics, Trading Cards, Action Figures and the list goes on. There were so many merchandise stalls as well as you can seen above in some of the pictures.
On the main stage of the event, there were; Voices, Voices Everywhere, Anime Limited, Terminus Birmingham, Chris Gorham Uncovered, Z-Cars to Hell on Wheels, 2000 AD, Heroes & Demons, Robots Overlords and Cosplay Masquerade.
They also had special guests from Walking Dead including Laurie Holden. Also as you seen above, Warwick Davis was there! Quinton Flynn was also doing free signings there too!
There were quite a few characters I didn't get pictures with which I wish I did including; Katniss Everdeen and a few other characters from The Hunger Games, Frozone from The Incredibles and a Halo Solider. Oh well, there's always next time!
Next time I go I want to cosplay, but who do you think I should cosplay? Thoughts?
As for my outfit, I went for a rock chick vibe with a splash of batman.

Top - Car Boot Sale
Jacket - Primark
Jeans -Primark
Boots - F&F
Backpack - WHSmith
Belt  -Charity Shop
Choker - Etsy
Eagle Necklace - George at Asda
Long Necklace  -Zorehia Jewellery
Rings - Primark, New Look & Topshop

Thank you so much for reading! Sorry it's been a long one today but I felt the need to do a post about my day. If I was a YouTuber I would of vlogged the entire day...seeing as I'm not (even though it has been a thing I've been thinking about for a long time now) I did one video of the start of Robot Wars so you had an insight on the atmosphere that was going on there.

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