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Friday 1 January 2016

Lifestyle | New Year Principles & Goals

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

How amazing was the fireworks all over the world though?! It amazes me every single time! I saw the new year in with a bang partying hard with some of my favourite people and it was one funny night! How did you see the new year in?

Moving on to what this post is really about...New Year Principles & Goals. I feel that resolutions just aren't me anymore. We all know it's a bit obvious we aren't going to keep our resolutions up throughout the year, and let's be honest, we'll probably forget about them by the end of January anyway. So, where does that leave us? Well, I was inspired by a fellow blogger who wrote this post here, where she wrote about what principles she wants to improve on in the new year. This is where I felt I needed to improve on myself in the new year and keep it that way. To continuously improve on myself to keep making myself a better person in every way that I can. As I write a lot of lists, and I mean A LOT. I always make a list of things to get done and I don't stop and sit down until everything is done. So these principles and goals are something I will definitely be keeping in mind all the time, especially if I print them out and stick them on my notice board above my desk.

My principles for the new year are:
  • Read more as I have a few books that I bought in the summer, and if I'm completely honest, I started one book and have only read just about half of it as I am so busy all of the time, and I've had this book for at least 6 months...
  • Save & spend money on memorable experiences not things I want and don't actually need. As I keep spending more money on things that I really don't need when I could be saving for a holiday with my friends or save up for a car & driving lessons.
  • Go out of the way just to be kind to someone. Even if it's just to comment on someone's outfit, or give a homeless person a sausage roll. One day, I saw a lady walking with her partner and she had a napkin or toilet roll stuck to her foot, so I had to stop her and help by stepping on it to help her get it off.
  • Try and eat better. This is because if I eat light foods such as fruit and salad, my body seems to feel so much better rather than when I eat chocolate and crappy foods that aren't good for you as it makes my body feel so heavy and bloated.
Keep a healthy body and a healthy mind. The way I will do this is through my phone. Sounds stupid right? Well, have you ever heard of Seven? It's a fitness app on the app store and you can get it on iPhone's & Android devices. It helps you to exercise with a routine and it only takes 7 minutes out of your day! Also if you suffer from anxiety like I do, there's an app that can help, and it's called Headspace. I really recommend you try this as I recommended it to a friend who also suffers from anxiety in a completely different way to me and it made them so much happier and less stressed. This app also just takes 10 minutes out of your day so you can get some headspace, relax and clear your mind. Seriously guys, try it! Trust me, both apps are brilliant! Also, no I am not being sponsored to say this, this is my own honest opinion.
  • Do things when they need to be done. Not just leaving them till they get worse or because your feeling lazy.

I also have a few goals I want to achieve in the new year, which are:
  • To plan a holiday with my friends
  • Connect with more bloggers - I've been thinking for a while now that I would love to make a blogger event where bloggers within the West Midlands or if your willing to travel, could come together and have a day together to get to know new people and build new friendships. Maybe a giant picnic where we all bring food and drinks, outdoor games to play, music. Anything that would make a brilliant and memorable day for us bloggers. Please let me know what you think.

What are your principles and goals for the new year? I'd love to know. Also, let me know whether you'd like to attend a blogger event if I were to organise one! Thank you so much for reading you amazing people! I love you all!


  1. This post is so nice! Good luck with your Principles & Goals :) Also the bloggers meet up sounds so nice, would be lovely to do that Xx

    1. Thank you! And it's something I definitely want to organise!x