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Friday 11 November 2016

Advice | 15 Things To Do That Won't Cost You A Penny

15 Things To Do That Won't Cost You A Penny

No matter where your from, I'm sure these tips on things to do for free will help you.

1. Check your areas community calender

Whether this be in your neighbourhood, city centre or even on Facebook or any other social media site, you will always find some event that's free to go to at some point. In my city centre, there is always things happening! Especially in Broadgate or Fargo Village - during the summer holidays and seasonal times of the years are the when the best events happen.

2. Go to your local library

Okay, this may not be for everybody, but if it's a rainy day and your bored stuff, this is a good idea for those who either love to read, are studying or even like to just gain new knowledge and find things out about things. Trust me, you never know what you might find!

3. Make a bucket list

This is an awesome way of creating a list of things you want to do and picking something off that list when you don't know what to do, even if it's an activity, travel or a completely random sort of bucket list, it's something inspiring to do!

15 Things To Do That Won't Cost You A Penny

4. Teach yourself how to do something new

YouTube is the best place to find out how to do new things, whether this be a new make up look, how to sew, create your own music, a DIY video, how to use CEO or Google Analytics, absolutely anything you can think of, just do it!

5. Be sociable

This could be with your family, friends, neighbours, in a shop, at a sociable event etc. Some people can find this sort of thing a struggle due to social anxiety or some other issue, but no harm will come of you just being kind and sociable towards other people, unless you mistakenly talk to a complete ass hole who's rude as ever, but not everyone is like that, they could just be having a bad day.

6. Have a clear out

This is actually a really good way of helping you feel more organised after a clear out. Also, you could earn some extra cash by selling the stuff you don't want at a car boot, on eBay, Amazon or even Depop! Either way, it's a win win situation. Even if you clear out your DVD's, CD's, games etc. You could take them to CEX or Cash Converter, or with books you could donate them to your local library or charity shop, the same goes for other things you don't want.

15 Things To Do That Won't Cost You A Penny

7. Have a 'cupboard potluck'

This is an idea I actually found online and thought it was a good idea. Have a sort through your cupboards for some ingredients and invite friends over when they've done the same and make something with only the ingredients you have. There you go, a potluck dinner/snack!

8. Go outdoors and take some pictures with your friends

This could  be at your nearest park, nature reserve, country park, lake etc. Just create some funny memories and snap them. You could even create a scrapbook with all your photos!

9. Visit a museum

That being a free museum, and there are certainly a lot of those. It could be an art museum, transport, history, aircraft museum etc. Anything that is of your interest, it's something to do! I personally love museums! Especially aircraft, tanks and art museums

15 Things To Do That Won't Cost You A Penny

10. Have a film festival

Invite friends over and for them each to bring one different film each, some snacks, or you could make them to save money and have a lazy day/afternoon and night, just chilling out watching films together. It's fun and doesn't cost a thing!

11. Go out and catch some Pokemon

Not everyone will like the idea of this, but I do know a fair few of you do this already! Whether it's on your own or with your partner, friends or even family members, this is such a fun thing to do and you never know what you'll find!

12. Make paper aeroplanes

Doing this in a park with friends is so fun and competitive and also completely free! Racing them against each other and seeing who's aeroplanes go the furthest can be quite entertaining!

15 Things To Do That Won't Cost You A Penny

13. Build a fort

Now you can't say this isn't fun as well as free! I used to love doing this as a kid! I even still do it now with my boyfriend believe it or not! Grad all the cushions, blankets and furniture you need in your house and create one! Especially on a rainy day!

14. Have a water fight

Yet again, completely free and perfect for a hot summers day. Use buckets, hose pipes, pools, water balloons etc. You could even make a water obstacle course for fun, it's also great exercise too!

15. Plan what you want to do next year

This is awesome for planning new year goals, places you want to go, what you want to do and it's great motivation to actually get next year planned, organised and sorted!

15 Things To Do That Won't Cost You A Penny

Thanks for reading! Got any tips for free things to do? Leave them in the comments below for myself and other readers to have a read of!


  1. These are all great tips! I do some of them already. Happy weekend.

  2. This is such a fun post, I love it! Sometimes the most memorable and best activites don't cost a penny :)

    I hope that you have a fab weekend lovely,

    El xxx

  3. Interesting tips,very free too.The best things in life are free after all