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Monday 7 November 2016

Beauty | imPress Press On Nails Review

imPress Nails

I've always been wanting t try out press on nails since I saw them in a magazine on Nicole Scherzinger a few years back. When I received these beautiful and different coloured nail packs, I was intrigued to try them.

Starting with first impressions of the packaging. They last 2x longer and are waterproof! Which they actually proved to be! Not one of them fell off during the week I had them on, until I wanted them off, which I must say, was a little bit of a struggle - not always a bad thing as that shows they stay on well! They were perfect seeing as they are waterproof, as I'm always washing my hands a lot, due to me being OCD, especially since being ill with gastroenteritis, which I unfortunately got back after a trip to London near the end of October, which you may have seen over on Twitter (@isobelceline). The packaging presents the nails nicely as well as showing what they look like on, which is a bonus for when your undecided how they'll look on your nails. There's also instructions followed by diagrams to help you apply the nails - much needed for me! I love how it comes with a prep pad, 30 ultra shine gel nails and a mini nail file too! I've never tried gel nails, so these are a first for me!

imPress Nails

When I was finding the right sizes for each nail, I realised that I had to file my own nails down to be quite short, as they are normally rather long, so this was a step I wasn't too keen on, as I hate having short nails - but it's a bonus for the girls who prefer shorter nails! As I applied the nails, I made sure I had them all lined up in order of each nail and had to peel the plastic off that was protecting the glue on the backing of the nail, which I actually found quite a struggle. It helped that I put the thumb nails on last though, as advised by the instructions.

imPress Nails

Once I finished, I left them overnight before letting them touch water or filing them and just kept pressing them down every now and again. You can just do this for an hour, but as I put these nails on late at night, I preferred to do this so I cold file them in the morning without fear of them falling off so quickly.

I wasn't so keen on these nails at first because of the fit and length, but I gradually liked them and kept saying to my boyfriend, "I love these nails!" but I really do! They are easier and a lot less messier than glue on nails.

imPress Nails
*imPress Nails

Overall, I would definitely use this brand of press on nails and recommend the brand. Even the colour range is quite sweet too! Oh! I almost forgot to mention! They don't damage your nails! They just make them a little dry! So once you've taken them off, either add some cream, or cuticle oil to restore them!

Thanks for reading!

*Items marked with an asterisk(*) have been kindly gifted for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own, open and honest. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.* 

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